Friday, September 19, 2014

Nasi Arab...always be my fav ;)

Assalamualaikum ;;) Hi Hi Hi! Actually, it's has been so long ago, err not so long la, but I guess about 2 months ago kot this event. To celebrate our company's 14th birthday. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully more years to come and will keep growing in IT business and growing in term of cash flow mih mih :D

So boss treated us to this Arab restaurant but I forgot the name. It's located in Precint 1, Putrajaya, Putrajaya Holdings, Basement 3. Just beside SHA RIN LOW (is the spell right?)

The food is awesome. I mean, the lamb. Ahuk ahuk (cough) Lamb is always my favorite since like forevahhh!! And the lamb was really nice. Really soft and not smelly like mbekkkk gitu :p


Ahkak HR on the left, Leha the programmer in the middle and yeah that's yours truly on the right hihi

 The boys and the bosses

 The tasty nasi arab!

 Girls and camera, you know..

Me and my eonnie :)

OK lah that's all for now. Malas lah taip cause I'm so damn busy right now (tapi sempat hapdet blog, gurauan apakah ini???)

Ciare Baha

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My fav cafe in Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum, to whoever visiting and reading this blog's contents, which has almost 300-400 unique visitors a day, thank you for clicking my nuffnang ads mihmihmih.

So, what you guys doing during holidays? Or like yesterday, a day off from the workplace, what you guys did? For us, not much, because hubs had something to do. Well, we went out (at last! after hours waiting my hubs finish the job) just for sight seeing and makan makan obviously.

Lately, err not so lately because it started from January, we're so into this one cafe in Putrajaya. It's not a highclass restaurant though that's why I called it a cafe. The food is cheap and tasty too. Really! And I like the surroundings. The greeny park and the lake and watching the sunset and it's located beside Masjid Besi Putrajaya. So it's really convenience.

These pictures taken about a month ago when my family from Perak came here. So we went to Umai Cafe. Even my family love it.

The monument and the moon in the daylight

Nah i belanja you my stinky and fatty feet haha

The running objects. I wonder how he feels. Does he ever feels tired???

Hubs with his girlfriend :) My sweethearts and my heartbeats. Love you to the pluto and back. Moon is too close to compare my loves for the 3 of you

Ciare Baha

Monday, September 15, 2014

Honeymoon.... Cewah ;)

Assalamualaikum.. hi all :)

Hmmm, if i'm not mistaken, our last vacation was on.....  errr let me think... ok I remember! Our last vacation was on our 5th anniversary this year. You can read the anniversary story here. Yeah, so we really need another vacation to release all the tension vibes. And thank to my husband's boss to sponsor the short vacation. It was actually a family day trip but, not really. Everybody just really don't really care what others did and neither do us. We just having the sweet time together, the four of us of course. Never on earth we would left the kids, especially for vacation. Even for a short one :)

 My sugar plum muah muah :D

 Yeah he doesn't like camera thus the poyo pictures! HAHA

The sugar-rush-boy

My fav spot after all

And my fav spot, again. Hehe.

Err ok this is my fav spot too! Mirror mirror on the wall!! :D

Rayyan, can you just, sit down, for 5 seconds. And then he twirls, spins, rolls and do whatever he wants like he-cares!

And yeah, we went to Sunway Resort and Spa. OMG, the place was soooo great! Even though it was just 15km from our house but erm, I feel like I'm not even in KL

Hye! Hehe OMG I can't see my waist. Fatty-ciare!

The happiest children on that day! :D And Hasya went flat. She slept so long and made me worried. I guess, she was too tired.

So that's the story for our short vacation to Sunway Lagoon Themepark and Sunway Report and Spa. I didn't take any photos during in the waterpark session. And it's impossible to hold a camera and taking care for two kids, since my husband is anti-camera. Pftt haha :D

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