Monday, February 25, 2008

i know what u did last weekend hihi ;p

as far as i remember...i did nothing on this weekend ;p
in stead of sleeping, cooking, eating, watching tv, ...erm i went to car wash to wash my dirty savvy fellow haha :D
erm and yesterday i went to upm to lina's place to fix my mom's broken pearl bracelet..
erm my goal today: to accomplish with Promotion System (on retrieve function from informix for Business Contact and push to informix)..aja aja fighting! :D
erm later on i'll plan to donlod heroes S2 - ep 11 hihi...


  1. alamaak ciare... aku tersalah bg comment td terpakse delete puk :^

    ciareee sukenyeee aku dpt tgk blog galaxy ko (^,^)
    suke sukeeee

    teringat hari tuh ko kate blog ko tu ko sorang jek bace LOL XD kihkihkih... skang dah public, kitorang sume nak bace tauuu heehhehe ;p

  2. dd dudu...dipersilakan utk mmbaca hehe :D jom la kte ramai2 mengaktifkan diri kte dgn blog lol XD


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