Friday, March 7, 2008

~(^,^)~ lovely Friday

On this lovely friday, I just hope that everyone will stay cool and keep up a good work in job and life :)....I kinda happy today..dont know why but i feel good inside of it something great will happen?or the opposite?erm I do hope that today will be a happy day. No more depression and 'gaduh2' in workplace...hee hee...i'm used to it lately. Gadoh2 bese la...bcanggah pendapat gitewww...Dont know y but its just complicated to work with peoples from different types of background. But i'm so thankful to have a wonderful team-mates. No matter what happen we still a team. A team that will stay close and helping each other. I just have to remind myself "This is what u gonna through in this field. Just take it or leave it."..For now i just take it as valueable experience that i would use it in my next resume in the future ;)..But hey! I dont think that i have to make another resume in my life..because i'm so happy and comfortable with my career now. I'll leave one day, but i dont have to leave it for another cmpy...i'll leave when i'm ready to go to the next stage of my life =)..
Then i'll say sayounara......and aloha to my new life =)


  1. cik...
    hehe biase la tew..berbeza pendapat gitew. the hair is same but the heart is different. neway, i like da pic with that pink color. where do u buy it?

  2. huhu..lina..aku xsuke la keje like the money$$$$ :p


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