Tuesday, March 4, 2008

week for UAT and REGRESSION

This week going to be a tiring week...of course bcause of work..
Jaspal told me that CIS will be going for UAT next tuesday..For promotion will be going for
regression this Friday(and I have to maximize my focus for this)
Oh my God! I hope i'll have enough strength to get through all this challenge!

Last but not least..fighting! fight-o-oh! :D


I want to wish goodluck to someone ;)


  1. ♥ ja_di_atas_tujuh_ ♥

    uhhh i hate both of these words : UAT & REGRESSION!!! huh..!!

    ♥ ja_di_atas_tujuh_ ♥

  2. hahaha jaaaa..at least ko dah meninggalkan dunia uat ngn regression kaannnn..hihik bestnye jadik ko :p


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