Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movie Review: The Shoe Fairy (人魚朵朵)

Adekah anda gile dgn kasut? Jika YA anda patut tgk cite ni :) aku sukeeeeeee sgt dgn cite ala2 fairytales ni. pastu alam dia sgt cantik. colorful plak tuh. yg pntg heroinn cuteee bangat okey =P sape yg xtgk lg cite ni. sile tgk bace sinopsis ni haa :)

The Shoe Fairy (人魚朵朵)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Dodo who cannot walk. While other children played outside, Dodo stayed home and listened to fairytales. Her favorite was “The Little Mermaid”, and Dodo often wondered if she would have to give up something of her own in order to own a pair of feet.

One day, Dodo’s parents took her to the hospital to have an operation. When Dodo woke up, she gained a pair of feet and could start wearing shoes.

From that day on, Dodo became a beautiful girl who loves to buy shoes. A lot of shoes.

One Sunday morning, while Dodo was cleaning all her lovely shoes, she had a sudden toothache. When she went to the Smiley Dentist for treatment, she accidentally knocked him with her shoe, making a lasting impression with Smiley. After 30 dates, Dodo and Smiley got married and lived happily-ever-after.

Everything was fine except for the fact that Dodo buys too many shoes. Finally, Smiley said to Dodo: Can you try not buying so many shoes? Reluctantly, Dodo agreed. She never walked into the shoe store again.

Until one fateful day, whilst helping to chase a cat, Dodo accidentally walked right into the shoe store. In the window, there was a glorious pair of red shoes. Remembering her husband’s words, Dodo decided not to buy them, but walking away from the store, she turned back to look at the shoes in the window longingly. Just then, a car drove past, knocking her down a manhole in the ground.

Soo..korang agak2 ape yg jadi pd Dodo akhirnye?? erm adelah dia akan lumpuh @ pulih sepenuhnya?? ape yg tjadi pd kasut2 nye?? Erm sila dptkan CD/DVD di kedai yg berhampiran dgn anda :)

Dodo with her prince, a dentist ;n so sweettt..

Dodo's daughter. comei sgt bdk ni. klako part dia ngigau smbil pakai kasut mak dia ;n

Love; Ciare =)


  1. mesti la udah nengok..lebih kurg 3 thn yg msih segar dlm ingatanKU :)

  2. ciare nak tengokk :)

    musti aku sukee cite2 fantasy cani^^

    -dd dudu (malas ah nak sign out

  3. ^^Dudu yg mls signout^^ heheee jgn marah dgn tajuk tersebut ;n best bangattt cite ni aku xde la resource nye..cube kamu search di youtube =P

  4. eee kat sini pon dudu malas nk sign out. huduh btl la :p

    ciare.... burn kan la ceta tu utk aku :p

  5. yang..mati² z ingatkan citer omputih neh tadik taw...hehehe. Teruja arrr bc sipnosis citer tuh..haiippp!!!

    nak g terjah kat DVD store arr if kuar t :)

  6. ^^Mumu^^ Hewhew..dudu diserang pnyakit mls signout gamaknye =P alaa aku xde laa dvd cite ni mumu..ko try arr cr kedai cd..aku dah korek2 aritu cam ssh nk jumpe kat msia ni..ape kata ko bli on9 sajeee ke taiwan ;n

    ^^Redblo0dsnow^^ cite ni mmg sgttt best tau x Zie..pastu alamm dia sgttt cantek & harmoni mcm hanye dorg kat dlm dunia tu =) beli laa dvdnye..u wont regret ;n


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