Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MOMENT: 28 JULY with LOVE (Part 2)

Do you believe in coincidence?

well, I do.

HE came into my life on the perfect time.

HE does what a boyfriend should do to his girl. (until now and even romantica ;p) Just like what i've imagined for all this time. it's not that i've wanted a prince charming straight from heaven or even a man with ting ting ting $____$ in his pocket. no.

I just want a man who can fill my heart with so much love that can make me drown in it. (err ni perumpaan je ;p)

And when my tears falling down mcm cry me a river, he came into my heart accidentally. I would never to expect something so soon..

..or even expected to fall in love again.

But he was there, comfort me and put the smile on face back again.

And that's the time I realized,


yanti n mael, pinjam anak korg kejaps. haha

psttt: ini entry jiwang. abaikan segala grammar yg salah :p

Ciare =)


  1. bagus la jika lelaki itu sgt membahagiakan kamu...jgn jd mcm aku okeh...

  2. ^^mawaR^^ kamu pon kan sedang dan bakal melalui saat2 bahagia itu..hehe....keep up darling!berusaha dptkan ape yg kamu mahu.ewaaaah ^__-

  3. ciare 28 th july my bestday taw.,huhu...samalah..


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