Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beauty Blog Contest

click click! ;p

1. Closing date will be on 11 january 2010 (sempat lagi. yeayy ;p saje upload last menet & ari cuti. segan marr org baca ;p)
2. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post..state your URL too.. (ok)
3. Add my banner & titled of this contest in ur entry post......(ok)
4. Please answer the survey question..(ok)
5. Link my to your blog..hiihi .so we can xchange link (in my linklinkblog
..Be my FOLLOWER??....its up to you.tiada syarat/paksaan didalam penyertaan ini okeh ;) (lynna i dah lama jadi follower you. since ur wedding prep lg. almaklum la time tu masing2 bridetobe ;p)


Lucky lady will win the Marykay products ;)

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1. What’s your favorite makeup things at the moment??
kryolan tv paint stick - owhh dgn adanya ini, my skin looks more fresh and flawless :)

2. Are there any beauty MAKEUP/PERFUMES branded items on your wish list?
kryolan makeup set - ini adalah idaman. insyaAllah produk kryolan akan jadi produk utama bila i jadi jurusolek kelak. semoga impian ini terlaksana tahun ni. amin :)

MAC fix+ ~ to make your face glowing naturally. can apply before or after makeups or both :)

issey miyake perfume - nyesal i tak beli kat airport langkawi aritu. so cheap u know!

3. What's Style and Outfit do you want on 2010?
stylo muslimah but not too extreme marr. remember, i'm a wife and it has limits :)

semua gambar2 di atas adalah ihsan google

4. Lastly, pliss upload your latest gojes style pictures with the beauty makeup looks...

gadis litar versi muslimah :)

lite makeup but still, catchy ;p

went to Sherlock Holmes movie ;p

sight seeing during new year celebration :)

All this pictures were taken in Januari 2010 :) Thanks lynna for the contest. at least berupdate jugak my belog weekends ni. hoho. ada sapa2 nak join? sempat lagi ni ^__-. ini linknya :)

Ciare =)


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