Monday, April 28, 2014


My heart scattered everyday and each time leaving them in the hands of other people. The people that I should trust. Ok maybe I didn't trust them 100% but I want to. Because I want to go to work with sanity feeling. You know, the stories about child abusing that we heard everyday somehow effected me. And I believe, all parents are. It's not easy to leave our children in the hands of others. Nonetheless, we can't do much about it, excepts checking your children with the daycare staff few times daily and let the rest be taken care by God, Allah The Almighty.

Keep praying. There's saying; mother's du'a is the best. Then, it is an effort...

So mommies (or any daddies reading over here?), let's make the Du'a... Hoping Allah will protect our children, when we're not there besides them. Amin...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm so proud of you cheeky baby :)

We were really excited waiting Hasya to start walking. At the age of 12 months, no sign of walking. Still standing like a statue. On her 13 month, erm not yet. Still didn't move her feet even 1 inches apart. Still standing like mannequin ;)

And suddenly, oh her 14th months..... Tada!! She's walking like she's already walks few months ago. HAHA. Proud of you baby.

And now, she walks non stop except when she's sleeping. Well, I hope you're not a sleep-walker he he. But, of course, she walks in unstable mode. Still unbalance but so eager to walk fast and trying to run!! Geez. Urut dada mak huhu. Her brother is her absolute model. She wants to do what her brother does. And Rayyan also wants to do/hold whatever his sister's doing. In fact, they're copying each other! Phew, letih mak nak (-_-")

So mama, let's try to catch me up ok. Let's runnnnn :D

Thursday, April 24, 2014

big bad wolf box sale 2014

Last month, (forgot the exact date) we went to this big bad wolf box sale in Mines Exhibition Centre. This time, the box sales only open from 10 am to late evening I guess. They didn't open 24 hours like the usual big bad wolf. So we got there before 10 am and the door still closed! Excited heh? :p

But the kids nor the father didn't seem excited. Yes, just me got excited and dragged everybody from bed on early morning to grab some books. Erm, actually box  of books. This time, they sold the books using box method. It means, everybody can chose either box A or box B and fill any books you want until the box got full. But, the box must be closed without forces. But, we did force a bit. He he.

Books!! We got almost 30 of them for RM99. Which soooo worth it. Normal price would be around RM500. I'm currently reading novel titled Gate House. Yeah still reading it more like in a month, but not everyday. I think, I'd manage to read it during doing laundry while my kids are sleeping. If they're not sleeping, so yeah, let's forget reading and maybe it's more to chasing time (-_-")

The kids love the books too. Hasya gets over-excited and koyak some pages. But it's okay baby. There goes the 1st step. Koyak first then you read ok hihi

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cook and Eat. I love both

The main reason why I'm good at eating is because, I love to cook. Trying new recipes that I've found in blogs or google makes me one happy wife ngee hee hee. Some people like to cook but they don't like to eat what they have cooked. But me, I eat everything. Like, everything. Especially the one that I've made with my bare hands. Of course I must taste my creations. Isn't it? Such a waste to not  taste it he he. So let's scroll down for some dishes I've made recently in 2014. OK first, let me admit, I'm not good in food decorations. It's already hard to cook, let alone to decorate! I mean, cooking with those 2 little kids is not that easy. As long as I can cook and we have something to eat, is good enough :)

Pasta aglio olio. Kind of our favorite. The only pasta that my husband likes. Thank God at least he likes even one pasta. Cause I am pasta-crazeee :p

This was taken on early January during my #eatclean phase. Since my mom stays with us right now, it's hard to #eatclean. She might not able to swallow this type of food, so I have to make masak lemak cili api, gulai kari, rendang, etc. Which, another factor that led me gained 5kg recently. Thanks mom T__T

 Afternoon tea...

Just throw everything on your grill pan, sprinkle bit of salt and pepper and we done here

chicken nuggets salad
 Healthy chicken soup with killer-sambal-kicap

 Chicken soup is a play safe menu. My husband love it. He's OK if I make this dish everyday :)

 I'm not sure the title of this pasta. But, it's a healthy one of course

 Kampung style. Ayam masak cili api, gulai lemak pucuk manis with labu, sambal belacan & budu

 Tomyam, telur dadar, ulam kobis & sambal tempoyak

 Siakap steamed, pekasam goreng hangus haha, ulam, sambal tempoyak & budu

 Chicken salad #eatclean

 Malay pancakes; lempeng kelapa with curry and sambal tumis ikan bilis
 Supper. He he. Egg sandwiches

 Home made roti canai with fried noodle

 And my recently dish, scones :) The taste just like what you have in Cameron highlands. Eat it together with unsalted butter and sour jams. I like strawberry or grape jams. Slurp!

 My God! I hungry as I'm typing (-_-") Can't believe my eyes that I made this. Mom and hubs approve it too. So delicioso!

 Grill catfish, sambal asam & vege soups

 Kailan ikan masin, fish curry and porridge for my kids :)

OK done. That's all. Oh my, seriously, I don't even imagine myself can make all this dishes. My hubs too. He thinks he marrying a wife that don't cook. I mean, literally. Every times I cook something new he's like, woow, pandainya, sedapnyaa.. something like that. Then he asked me to make it again next time (-_-"). Oh my, now I have a new job, A CHEF.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I love Friday. Yeah, I know, everyones love Friday too :) The long lunch-break that happens once in a week, right? Sometimes, I've plan what should I do on Friday lunch-break even though, it's only Monday at 10am HE HE. But, I still don't plan anything on this coming Friday. What's the plan, girls? ^_^

So last Friday, I had #lunchdate with my ex-schoolmates when I was in #semetrik for 2 years, and that was about 14 years ago. And that makes me, does not seems younger anymore Y__Y Sigh. At this age,  I never though I'm still blogging and rambling about my daily life or whatever. I thought I've stopped blog when I was 25 years old or something he he. Gosh, that was so 5 years ago. Fine, I'm turning to another series this year, but not yet. After raya lor.

See? I'm out of topic right here. Such a bubbler! Ok keep in track! #lunchdate with my ex-schoolmates. I met Anul few times in this few years. Since, we're not that far. And we have the same jobs too. But, in the different companies. So we're still talking about coding and algorithm during meeting each other. Haha. Not cool at all. But that's us. Typical programmers I supposed.

So after we had lunch, we did some window shopping la apa lagi hehe. And we found this



A beautiful pair of heels. I tried the beige heels and Anul was trying the black heels. Boy, it was super comfy and cheap too! But, not my lucky day. It was the last pair and it's not my size. Err actually, it is my size but my right feet smaller than the left one. So, I have to take smaller size, which already sold out. Sigh. Anul didn't buy it also, I wonder why. Ruginyaa anul you tak beli T_T.

The cute Anul and I. My skin looks flawless using iPhone he he. Thanks Anul. Til we meet again. Perhaps movie, next time :)

Queen Of Selfie (??)

Or.. should I write it with hash-tag #selfie? ;) Anyway I am nor #selfie or #unselfie type of person. I'm just somewhere in the middle of #selfie phenomenons HE HE. But, thank God, for creating brilliant people whom invented mobile app called 360camera. It gives opportunity for people with lack of self-confidence in themselves. True. My acne scars, big open pores, oily skin makes me not confident to myself, let alone others (T_T)

 So with 360camera, at least I can look to myself and say 'hey, I look good...' IF I DON'T HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS ON MY FACE.  So the above picture, obviously taken using 360camera. I don't have beauty features on my face, so if I have that skin, I am the happiest woman in this world. But, there is no if in reality. Yes, it hurts.

And this picture taken using normal camera but with front camera, so you could not see the clear picture because it's quite blur-ish. But you can spot the uneven skin tone, the oily skin on T zone, right? And scars on the chin area. Pftt so many accidents on my face. HAHA. I wish I had face surgery but no lah. 360camera enough already :p

So, to all beautiful women with beautiful face and everything, I really envy you girls. I wish I wish I wish__________________ (fills in the blank) ;p

Friday, April 18, 2014

Masjid Kristal

Assalamualaikum ;;)

 We have been married for 4 years, and few months more towards 5 years..... And only in Feb 2014 (geezz, another sooo backdated story huh) my husband brought me to Masjid Kristal in Terengganu. Please don't ask me the exact location because I barely know it he he.

We went there together with my sister-brother-in-law and also my mom. This was my mom's third time came to Terengganu. She loved it but, because of her condition, she could not enjoy (read: shopping) while being there.

 Rayyan with the cousins, Alia Maisarah and Airis Marissa. Rayyan and Airis looks like at the same age but actually Rayyan is 2 years older than her. Cheeky girl ;)

 Me, my Hasya and my mom. She's unwell but she's strong :)

 Ready or not I will capture this moment!

Priceless moment. Please be for each other forever.

 Spotted! Parents tried darn hard to take pictures of their children. The mother obviously made funny faces so her children will smile or something and the father will take the picture when he though, ok this pose is cute. HE HE. Typical parents. Since one of them is active in social media LOL

 Candid by my not-so-little-bro-in-law

 Kids with their Acik :)

 Just after sight-seeing in Masjid Kristal, we went to my husband's cousin house. And we had dinner together at the famous restaurant called...errr...forgot already! But it's just at the riverside and under the bridge. I really forget the bridge name, something like kuala-****... Sorry for my bad memory. Huhu

We'll balik kampung in Terengganu again this coming May. The last time we were there, the air was so cold and almost 16'c at the night. Freaking cold ok!! Hope it'll not be snowing this time hehe

OK peeps, have a great weekend ahead!! :D

Freaky Friday

Assalamualaikum ;;)

 Not so freaky, isn't it? I just like the rhymes of the F..F.. so freaky Friday it is :) This year, 4 of us #puteritujuh met twice during lunch time. We met at Ja's and she made lunch for us, with love. Seriously, I'm overwhelmed. Ja, you're such a great cook. And 3 of us, are the great eaters ^_^ #bigbellies

I really love our friendship. We might be having different personalities but when we're together, we're just like 1 person. The other 3 #puteritujuh are not in Klang Valley area. So it's kind of hard to meet them and gather up in complete version of #puteritujuh.

 Adam, Ja&Shah's 1st child, and #puteritujuh's 1st nephew, took our pictures. He took pictures with styles and.. emm...

 ... we laughed out loud. It's so darn hilarious!! HA HA. Adam took the pictures rapidly and so fast and we don't even have time to blink! HE HE.. Adam Adam.. You're so funneh laaa. We ended up laughing with tears of joy :D

 Lunch time has ended and we have to go back to our office. So sad...

 And Ja, you also miss us right? :) Bye everyone, hope to see you soon. OK fine, we meet everyday, in whatsapp hi hi

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Teacher :)

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Teacher? Yup. She's my 1st favorite teacher since I was 12 years old. She forced me to remember all the lyrics in Backstreet Boys album!! And after that, I started to like English. And love English.

She is my lovable sister :)

She is an English teacher in Ipoh and she's gifted with English talent since we were kids. She showed me that English is fun! And I don't afraid to be in English class anymore. And, she becomes a teacher. A lovely teacher I supposed. And a stylo-teacher too hik hik.

Yes, she's the smaller ones. And I'm the.. emm.. bigger object on the right | ehem | clear throats. Boy, she's petite but her guts is not. Don't play around with her or you'll get a big trouble ya :)

Sis, I hope you'll stay cute mute gorgeous happy lovely and all your birthday wishes come true. O Allah, please grant happiness health and wealth to my both sisters and their family, now and hereafter. Amin 

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