Thursday, April 24, 2014

big bad wolf box sale 2014

Last month, (forgot the exact date) we went to this big bad wolf box sale in Mines Exhibition Centre. This time, the box sales only open from 10 am to late evening I guess. They didn't open 24 hours like the usual big bad wolf. So we got there before 10 am and the door still closed! Excited heh? :p

But the kids nor the father didn't seem excited. Yes, just me got excited and dragged everybody from bed on early morning to grab some books. Erm, actually box  of books. This time, they sold the books using box method. It means, everybody can chose either box A or box B and fill any books you want until the box got full. But, the box must be closed without forces. But, we did force a bit. He he.

Books!! We got almost 30 of them for RM99. Which soooo worth it. Normal price would be around RM500. I'm currently reading novel titled Gate House. Yeah still reading it more like in a month, but not everyday. I think, I'd manage to read it during doing laundry while my kids are sleeping. If they're not sleeping, so yeah, let's forget reading and maybe it's more to chasing time (-_-")

The kids love the books too. Hasya gets over-excited and koyak some pages. But it's okay baby. There goes the 1st step. Koyak first then you read ok hihi

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