Monday, April 7, 2014

HIS birthday :)

Bismillahirahmanirahim ;;)

Assalamualaikum, to all. It has been such a tired weekend. Why? WATER. Yeah the reason why is WATER. In fact, it's a major crisis to all residents in Klang Valley since March. But it's only affected us started from last Friday, 12 pm. I planned to bake a birthday cake myself, for my husband. But Allah knows best. So everything that I've planned, had to re-plan in hasta pronto.

I immediately went to Baker's Cottage to buy the birthday cake and party supplies. Anyway, my husband not really enjoy celebrating birthday, but he has to. I forced him. HA HA. Then, to complete the menu, I made simple fried mee; due to no water and fried some french fries for kiddos. And, porridge for the small lady in the house ^_^

And on the April 4th, my darling husband is 37 years young. Yeah, he doesn't like 37 years old person. More like, 33 kot HE HE.

Chocolate Cake for my love. He loves chocolate. But I don't. I love cheese. But he doesn't. See how we complete each other? :x

Unfortunately, Rayyan was asleep by that time. So he missed it. But of course, he claimed the cake as his, the day after. He said "kek, rayyan munye". I know, his sentence and vocabs are still not in the right place, but what important is, we know the keyword and what he's trying to tell us. OK correction; "I know the keyword.." because on the time being, I am Rayyan's translator in the house. His father nor grandmother understands him. Pitty my son, it's OK baby. Mama know you best :)

That little lady doesn't really like cake, but she only loves to play with it. Touch it and destroy it. That's her mission was :p

Darling, Happy Birthday. Mere words cannot express my love for you. May Allah fulfill all your wishes, good health and wealth and bless you in this new chapter of your life. And I wish our love become stronger each day. Amin

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