Sunday, April 13, 2014

Company's Family Day || Gold Coast Morib || 01/02-032014

Assalamualaikum ;;)

My God, this story was like, soooooooo long time ago lah!! To be exact, it was on March 1st and 2nd. Haze was really bad at that time. All I can remember is the smell of the smokess. Sigh. Anyway, the family day was great. Great bonding time among office-mates, enjoy, great food, and great theme park; for Rayyan of course. For me, just nice. All I need is TIME to clear my mind, from lines of code. OK, tak paham takpe, no need to understand he he.

OK let's the pictures do the talking. Bye!

My baby was doing great on the way to our destination. Means, no tantrum all the way from our house to Morib, Sepang. Hehe. In the meantime, Rayyan already excited to the max when we told him, there will be swimming pools. And a second after, he started yelling, 'mama nak mandi mama nak mandi mama nak mandi', to infinity HE HE

Girls and selfie. Can not be apart. Cewah. Kan adik kennnnn ;))

Checked in about almost 4pm. It was weekend and of course, full house lah. Ramai gila! But it was better than last year. Last year, we came here for the 1st time and it was on school holiday. Guess what time we checked in? 4pm. And housekeeping only came to tidy up the room at almost 6pm. Phew. Thank God we came with our friends, so can kill some times together.

The room was really nice. And the ambiance, well, we're facing the theme park. So my son went hysteria. HAHA

Tu dia!

Since, my husband together with my son having fun at the theme park, me and my girl-friend here, enjoying the sands and beach. He He

I like it here -- she said

Mama look!! Ocean! Yeah baby I know. But, you're not ready for it. Just be here, with mama :)

They said it's a night restaurant, but, we never came here because we had a formal dinner with all my office mates.

Love this picture, I set it as background, like, everywhere. Except this blog. Hehe

Some of my office mates during the dinner. Taken before my handphone died. Huhu

And I won this garment steamer in the lucky draw session!! The grand prize was 40 inches flat screen TV. Phew. I was not lucky enough but Alhamdulillah :)

These two passed out in seconds after the dinner. So tired meh? ;)

Morning view. The theme park was not opened yet. I guest the opening hours start from 0800 or later. Not sure. Anyway outsiders also can come here and enjoy the theme park. Staying at the hotel is not mandatory.


Haze like crazeeeey. The smell of the smokes were so horrible.


Breakfast time

Mama, can I join them?

Pleaseeee mama pleaseeeee!

Yes, you can. But you can't go there from here. We must use the lift 


And after couples of hours in the theme park. Tired lor

Last but not least, of course we must try the jacuzzi. Hehe. It was great. Anyway this is not porn ok. Watch your words :p

Ok just let me stop the unstoppable me ok, before I making more kerepek in this entry. Adios, bye!

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