Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cook and Eat. I love both

The main reason why I'm good at eating is because, I love to cook. Trying new recipes that I've found in blogs or google makes me one happy wife ngee hee hee. Some people like to cook but they don't like to eat what they have cooked. But me, I eat everything. Like, everything. Especially the one that I've made with my bare hands. Of course I must taste my creations. Isn't it? Such a waste to not  taste it he he. So let's scroll down for some dishes I've made recently in 2014. OK first, let me admit, I'm not good in food decorations. It's already hard to cook, let alone to decorate! I mean, cooking with those 2 little kids is not that easy. As long as I can cook and we have something to eat, is good enough :)

Pasta aglio olio. Kind of our favorite. The only pasta that my husband likes. Thank God at least he likes even one pasta. Cause I am pasta-crazeee :p

This was taken on early January during my #eatclean phase. Since my mom stays with us right now, it's hard to #eatclean. She might not able to swallow this type of food, so I have to make masak lemak cili api, gulai kari, rendang, etc. Which, another factor that led me gained 5kg recently. Thanks mom T__T

 Afternoon tea...

Just throw everything on your grill pan, sprinkle bit of salt and pepper and we done here

chicken nuggets salad
 Healthy chicken soup with killer-sambal-kicap

 Chicken soup is a play safe menu. My husband love it. He's OK if I make this dish everyday :)

 I'm not sure the title of this pasta. But, it's a healthy one of course

 Kampung style. Ayam masak cili api, gulai lemak pucuk manis with labu, sambal belacan & budu

 Tomyam, telur dadar, ulam kobis & sambal tempoyak

 Siakap steamed, pekasam goreng hangus haha, ulam, sambal tempoyak & budu

 Chicken salad #eatclean

 Malay pancakes; lempeng kelapa with curry and sambal tumis ikan bilis
 Supper. He he. Egg sandwiches

 Home made roti canai with fried noodle

 And my recently dish, scones :) The taste just like what you have in Cameron highlands. Eat it together with unsalted butter and sour jams. I like strawberry or grape jams. Slurp!

 My God! I hungry as I'm typing (-_-") Can't believe my eyes that I made this. Mom and hubs approve it too. So delicioso!

 Grill catfish, sambal asam & vege soups

 Kailan ikan masin, fish curry and porridge for my kids :)

OK done. That's all. Oh my, seriously, I don't even imagine myself can make all this dishes. My hubs too. He thinks he marrying a wife that don't cook. I mean, literally. Every times I cook something new he's like, woow, pandainya, sedapnyaa.. something like that. Then he asked me to make it again next time (-_-"). Oh my, now I have a new job, A CHEF.



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    1. Not sure about the taste but at least, the effort is there :)

  2. eh eh silala kongsi resepi sekali..kita br nak belajar masakni..


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