Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum ;;)

I have made up my mind. I will blog in our second language effectively from April 2014 for education reason. Blogging in English is not an easy-peasy for dummy in english like me. Seriously. Not an easy task at all. I want to educate myself, and I want to be better than who I was before. 

Recently, I went to the biggest book fair in Malaysia; the big bad wolf box sale. We bought plenty of books. And 95% of them are in English. I got myself 4 english novels. Still reading the 1st book titled The Gate House. And boy it's sooo thick that I thought I'll puke to read it to the end. But, somehow, I'm enjoying it. I'd read it slowly, understanding it, and eventually love it :)

So, why not I'll try to use the words wisely and be it broken-english or whatever but I challenge myself to do this. Ciare dares ciare. Have you dare yourself lately? If not, you may start with one right away. It does not have to be the same challenge like me. You can dare yourself to overcome your weakness. For me, English is my weakness and I dare myself to overcome it. Sooner or later, I hope to see positive change for me. I'd start with writings and I want to be excellent in speeches too. Insya Allah

So guys, please please please don't judge me like 'pehal minah ni cakap omputeh bagai? dah la broken english' or 'eleh perasan minah saleh lettuwww' or 'menunjuk lettuwww'. Kejadahnya menunjuk since my English is not excellent, I don't think I wanna show off for some kind of humiliation. But I'd show off, to enhance my writings in English. 

And I know, most of this blog's readers punya english berabukkkkk weh, so you'll free to comment or fix my grammar, vocabs or sentences whatever. Please do so. You're my ultimate teachers.

Thank you :)


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