Thursday, April 3, 2014

February Babiesss

Assalamualaikum ;;)

And suddenly we realized that many family members are "February Babies" yeayyy. Among of them of course,  my beloved mother and daughter. My mom's birthdate is on 12th Feb meanwhile my Hasya birthdate is 2 days after my mom. So practically, Hasya is 69 years and 2 days younger from her grandma. Hehe :D

Earlier, we had celebrate my mom's and Hasya's birthday on 12th and 14th Feb. But on the 23rd of Feb, during our balik kampung for my cousin's wedding, Cu Ila got this surprised-birthday-party for all Feb babies. Sooo sweet :x

So, in 10:00 hours, we gathered up in kampung with all relatives. Quite full-house yaww. It was simple ceremony though, but of course, lively and beautiful with all the loved ones around us. I just love my kampung  so much. Miss the good old times. But as we grew up, time at kampung  become fewer and lesser. Sigh.

Enough story-telling, let's peak some moments captured :)

Birthday girl, Hasya with Aunt Alia. Alia is the youngest cousin and she's 4 years older than the 1st niece; Khayra. So, it's so hard to explain to Khayra that she has to call Alia as Aunt and of course Khayra refuses it. But never mind, she'll will understand that one day.

And Alia is also a February Baby! :)

My cousin, in the green scarf; Kak Rini and her 3 amazing children. Anyway, her 2 sons, are basically so nice and nice. Ha ha. I mentioned nice 2 times. That means, they're really nice. Very well behave. Unlike, ehem (clear throat) my son. Whom always running and err shouting. Yeah, that's my son. The louder one (-_-")

And with the purple scarf is another birthday girl; Nomi. My cousin's wife. She's a nice person. And obviously beautiful. She's ready to pop out the baby anytime during this picture was taken but, she safely delivered a very handsome baby boy at the end of February. Well, that tells us that we add up the numbers of February babies, next year, huh? ;)

Another February Baby. Yeay adorable one. Khayrin. My nieces. A very clever and creative girl. She always think out of the box yaww. Perhaps, a designer one day. But she told me that she wants to sell cars. HAHA. Anyway baby, if you want to sell cars, make sure u sell lots of them. I mean it, lots. OK :)

Yeah, there he is. The loud one. And the fast one. I'm thankful that he's a camera-friendly-guy. So, at least I can make him paused for secs :D

Khayrin & Rayyan. He calls her 'kay-lin'. Alololorh :x

Aiyooo Hasya! Please watch your manner darling. Don't show diaper to camera. And.. to others? HE HE

Happy faces of February Babies :D But actually, 2 babies are missing. Cu ila and Cu nina. Meriah kan :)

OK I know. So many pictures loaded. I hope this entry won't crash your computer HE HE. Last but not least, it's April, and someone's birthday is coming. I need a plannnnn!!

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