Friday, April 18, 2014

Freaky Friday

Assalamualaikum ;;)

 Not so freaky, isn't it? I just like the rhymes of the F..F.. so freaky Friday it is :) This year, 4 of us #puteritujuh met twice during lunch time. We met at Ja's and she made lunch for us, with love. Seriously, I'm overwhelmed. Ja, you're such a great cook. And 3 of us, are the great eaters ^_^ #bigbellies

I really love our friendship. We might be having different personalities but when we're together, we're just like 1 person. The other 3 #puteritujuh are not in Klang Valley area. So it's kind of hard to meet them and gather up in complete version of #puteritujuh.

 Adam, Ja&Shah's 1st child, and #puteritujuh's 1st nephew, took our pictures. He took pictures with styles and.. emm...

 ... we laughed out loud. It's so darn hilarious!! HA HA. Adam took the pictures rapidly and so fast and we don't even have time to blink! HE HE.. Adam Adam.. You're so funneh laaa. We ended up laughing with tears of joy :D

 Lunch time has ended and we have to go back to our office. So sad...

 And Ja, you also miss us right? :) Bye everyone, hope to see you soon. OK fine, we meet everyday, in whatsapp hi hi

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