Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm so proud of you cheeky baby :)

We were really excited waiting Hasya to start walking. At the age of 12 months, no sign of walking. Still standing like a statue. On her 13 month, erm not yet. Still didn't move her feet even 1 inches apart. Still standing like mannequin ;)

And suddenly, oh her 14th months..... Tada!! She's walking like she's already walks few months ago. HAHA. Proud of you baby.

And now, she walks non stop except when she's sleeping. Well, I hope you're not a sleep-walker he he. But, of course, she walks in unstable mode. Still unbalance but so eager to walk fast and trying to run!! Geez. Urut dada mak huhu. Her brother is her absolute model. She wants to do what her brother does. And Rayyan also wants to do/hold whatever his sister's doing. In fact, they're copying each other! Phew, letih mak nak (-_-")

So mama, let's try to catch me up ok. Let's runnnnn :D

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