Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long idle

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Honestly, I lost my purpose to blog. Seriously. Feels like 24 hours in a day are not enough for me. But who am i to request to God more extra hours? Ok move on Ciare. You're not even close to the most busiest creature on earth. Just suck it up and smile. Life's not that hard. Sigh. OK smile like this :D

Let alone the 'busy' Ciare. Let's talk about something, like, the missing plane, MH370. A tragic tragedy. Or should me say, mystic? Not mystic as of haunted plane or whatever, but, the WHAT HOW WHEN WHO. No one and not even DS Najib can conclude what happened to MH370. We're given an ambiguous line in a press conference "..MH370 has ended in Indian Sea", of some sort like that.

It's a heartbreaking to hear so many speculations about the lost plane and I somehow, want to believe in those speculations. But of course I wouldn't tell which one of hundreds speculation that I might believe. And I know each one of us, has our own speculations about MH370. Deep down in my heart, I pray for each one of them in the flight, safe and sound. Even though the hope is far beyond what had happened to them. Just keep praying. And pray. And pray for our beloved country. For peacefulness.

Until we meet again, stay healthy and happy, everyone. Will write soon, and hope I'm not writing in my dreamsss HAHA ;))


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