Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I love Friday. Yeah, I know, everyones love Friday too :) The long lunch-break that happens once in a week, right? Sometimes, I've plan what should I do on Friday lunch-break even though, it's only Monday at 10am HE HE. But, I still don't plan anything on this coming Friday. What's the plan, girls? ^_^

So last Friday, I had #lunchdate with my ex-schoolmates when I was in #semetrik for 2 years, and that was about 14 years ago. And that makes me, does not seems younger anymore Y__Y Sigh. At this age,  I never though I'm still blogging and rambling about my daily life or whatever. I thought I've stopped blog when I was 25 years old or something he he. Gosh, that was so 5 years ago. Fine, I'm turning to another series this year, but not yet. After raya lor.

See? I'm out of topic right here. Such a bubbler! Ok keep in track! #lunchdate with my ex-schoolmates. I met Anul few times in this few years. Since, we're not that far. And we have the same jobs too. But, in the different companies. So we're still talking about coding and algorithm during meeting each other. Haha. Not cool at all. But that's us. Typical programmers I supposed.

So after we had lunch, we did some window shopping la apa lagi hehe. And we found this



A beautiful pair of heels. I tried the beige heels and Anul was trying the black heels. Boy, it was super comfy and cheap too! But, not my lucky day. It was the last pair and it's not my size. Err actually, it is my size but my right feet smaller than the left one. So, I have to take smaller size, which already sold out. Sigh. Anul didn't buy it also, I wonder why. Ruginyaa anul you tak beli T_T.

The cute Anul and I. My skin looks flawless using iPhone he he. Thanks Anul. Til we meet again. Perhaps movie, next time :)

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