Friday, April 18, 2014

Masjid Kristal

Assalamualaikum ;;)

 We have been married for 4 years, and few months more towards 5 years..... And only in Feb 2014 (geezz, another sooo backdated story huh) my husband brought me to Masjid Kristal in Terengganu. Please don't ask me the exact location because I barely know it he he.

We went there together with my sister-brother-in-law and also my mom. This was my mom's third time came to Terengganu. She loved it but, because of her condition, she could not enjoy (read: shopping) while being there.

 Rayyan with the cousins, Alia Maisarah and Airis Marissa. Rayyan and Airis looks like at the same age but actually Rayyan is 2 years older than her. Cheeky girl ;)

 Me, my Hasya and my mom. She's unwell but she's strong :)

 Ready or not I will capture this moment!

Priceless moment. Please be for each other forever.

 Spotted! Parents tried darn hard to take pictures of their children. The mother obviously made funny faces so her children will smile or something and the father will take the picture when he though, ok this pose is cute. HE HE. Typical parents. Since one of them is active in social media LOL

 Candid by my not-so-little-bro-in-law

 Kids with their Acik :)

 Just after sight-seeing in Masjid Kristal, we went to my husband's cousin house. And we had dinner together at the famous restaurant called...errr...forgot already! But it's just at the riverside and under the bridge. I really forget the bridge name, something like kuala-****... Sorry for my bad memory. Huhu

We'll balik kampung in Terengganu again this coming May. The last time we were there, the air was so cold and almost 16'c at the night. Freaking cold ok!! Hope it'll not be snowing this time hehe

OK peeps, have a great weekend ahead!! :D

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  1. Heheheh btw masjid kristal at pulau wan man and the restaurent i guess at kuala ibai near noor arfa . Am i right?


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