Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Panicking Monday (-_-")

It was extremely worrying, that we run out of water since Sunday afternoon. Just after I clean up the kitchen for lunch. And water supposedly scheduled started from Monday, which is today. But, we're not that lucky to get water on time. Others got their water started from 1pm but.... We just got the water 2 hours ago, yeah, 10 pm afterwards, Monday.

And water supply will end on Wednesday morning. So practically we only have plus minus 24 hours to do laundry, store backup water etc etc. Magad!!! How how how to manage all of that since everyone is damn working lor??

You (syabas) gave us 2 days minus 1 day, then the water will be cut off again. And you expect us to use minimum usage after that? Seriously??

I called Syabas, to request for extra water (tanker) but they've said that they could not make it. It seems like not so many people request it. Kot lah. Then my husband and I did a little bit investigation. Actually, others in this neighborhood already got their water!!! But, the location of my house, is on the hill. The highest point in this area. How cool is that? And how dangg is that? Pftttt.

And because of this area (about 20 houses affected) is higher that other areas, so we're only managed to get the water after other area less using it. And that explains why we got the water started from 10pm, 8 hours late from when it supposed to.

In 24 hours, we have to store water, laundry like crazy, and mandi like crazy too. Cause after that, maybe mandi celam celup je kot T___T. So who's gonna work? If, I'm going to work, I'm still going crazy thinking, is the water enough is the water enough?? Even though my mom is in this house, but she's not well. She'll gotten unwell more, if she's doing the water storing by herself. And she's not my maid for God's sake!! I don't want to burden her.

Ok lah, enough for now. Even though I have so many drafts posts, I just don't feel to write happy thingy right now. My mind is a mess with this water crisis. Hope it will end soon. Amin

p/s: Forgot to mention, we clean ourselves at
my sister-in-law's house in Kepong. How close is that?


  1. water ration is the most maddening experience ever. had it when i was renting a house nearby UKM. be patient adik. congrats to SYABAS...( cleverly chosen name btw)....by making our lives miserable.

    1. SYABAS to Selangor Darul Ehsan. But no so EHSAN after all ohok hok hok T___T


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