Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Queen Of Selfie (??)

Or.. should I write it with hash-tag #selfie? ;) Anyway I am nor #selfie or #unselfie type of person. I'm just somewhere in the middle of #selfie phenomenons HE HE. But, thank God, for creating brilliant people whom invented mobile app called 360camera. It gives opportunity for people with lack of self-confidence in themselves. True. My acne scars, big open pores, oily skin makes me not confident to myself, let alone others (T_T)

 So with 360camera, at least I can look to myself and say 'hey, I look good...' IF I DON'T HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS ON MY FACE.  So the above picture, obviously taken using 360camera. I don't have beauty features on my face, so if I have that skin, I am the happiest woman in this world. But, there is no if in reality. Yes, it hurts.

And this picture taken using normal camera but with front camera, so you could not see the clear picture because it's quite blur-ish. But you can spot the uneven skin tone, the oily skin on T zone, right? And scars on the chin area. Pftt so many accidents on my face. HAHA. I wish I had face surgery but no lah. 360camera enough already :p

So, to all beautiful women with beautiful face and everything, I really envy you girls. I wish I wish I wish__________________ (fills in the blank) ;p

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