Monday, April 28, 2014


My heart scattered everyday and each time leaving them in the hands of other people. The people that I should trust. Ok maybe I didn't trust them 100% but I want to. Because I want to go to work with sanity feeling. You know, the stories about child abusing that we heard everyday somehow effected me. And I believe, all parents are. It's not easy to leave our children in the hands of others. Nonetheless, we can't do much about it, excepts checking your children with the daycare staff few times daily and let the rest be taken care by God, Allah The Almighty.

Keep praying. There's saying; mother's du'a is the best. Then, it is an effort...

So mommies (or any daddies reading over here?), let's make the Du'a... Hoping Allah will protect our children, when we're not there besides them. Amin...


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