Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum ;;)

These pictures has been in draft entry for quite some times. In fact, it was taken in November, last year. I just miss UPM so much. And my friends, actually. Naaah - none male subject to be missed. Miss my girlfriends so much. Love to hang out and have a long chit chat with them just like we used to do, 10 years ago. My God! Are you that old ciare? Mih mih. Age never bother me anyway. But wrinkle is. Hu hu

I had some job in UPM last November. Went there couple of times to meet the client for maintenance support. And managed to take these pictures on the last day I went there. UPM has changed a lot. More prettier. The landscape, the environment, and I like the bicycle lane. I wish we had it back then. Feeling korean plak, going to class with bike in spring, cewah ;)

Soooo nyaman. Love the trees. Love the cool air. UPM changed a lot. Friend of mine said, our faculty has lift. WOW. I remember my how we're climbed up the 4th floor using stairs and almost lost our breath up there. HA-HA. And nowadays the student are pampered with lift huh? OK foinnnee, I'm jealous and it's not fair :p
UPM, I miss you. Even you're just less 20km away from my house but still, I miss you :x

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