Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shop Alone

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Shop alone is a lot better than home alone, right ladies? He he. Anyway I do shop alone all the time. 90% my shopping time was spent alone. Sadist right? Y___Y It's OK. I get used to it. I find it hard to shop with my two little angels. Normally me, hubs and kids only go out for sight-seeing, window shopping (so mama can targets few things to shop later on he he), or only shop for the kids. But to buy stuff for us, we used to go to the mall just the two of us and concentrate for our garments only. Other than that, we'll ended up for chasing Rayyan around the mall who likes to play hide and seek and make me half dead of losing him T___T And the little sister also wants full attention nowadays. She wants everybody to peekaboo her all the times and will scream her lungs out if she's not being entertained. Phew, that's parenthood buddy. You won't understand it or believe it, until you have at least one. He he. It's beautiful... erm..beautiful with it's own way lah of course :p

So on one fine afternoon, during the lunch break, I went to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. My intention was paying some bills and termination some service whatever and it only can be done in Sunway Pyramid or Timesquare they said. Why on earth la it can't be done via online payment if you want to terminate it? Nak subscribed boleh je settled via online. But why not terminate? Hmm this kind of service is torturing customer namanya. The concept is like, when you want their money, you will do anything, and if customer don't want your service anymore, you make customer do this, do that, sign documents whatever. Whattefish? Hmm

But anyway, it has ended with peace already. Feels good (read: after fought with the customer service hehe)

Since I had to go all the way to Sunway Pyramid, let's do some shopping as the token hehe. Bought this at H&M with very affordable price. Susah weh nak cari cheaper blazer and comfy. Not so cheap lah anyway, but I like it from the 1st sight! Wajib beli or later on I'll dream about it 24 seven :x

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Assalamualaikum ;;)

Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scare of you
But all I really want is hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night

Ecewah tetiba terngiang throw back and listening to Britney's song. Love her songs in her early albums... before she became...a woman hu hu. Anyway, this is just a randomness post. There's lot to write but still, I chose not to write what I want to write. Pftt. What's wrong with this emotionally woman? Yeah, that's why I'm a woman. Full with emotions. I cried watching my kids during their unwell days. I cried watching their 1st tooth, or 1st step. Whoah. Mommies, got overwhelmed so easy peasy.

I don't know what am I thinking lately. My head talking to me like 'Ciare, just stop whatever are u doing right now? Do you really like it? Just stop and do whatever you WANT AND LIKE. Don't force yourself over the limit.' -- Something like that. I'm not sure it's a good thought or bad thought anyway.

Talk is easy. But execute, is not.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Buying a house

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Wow tajuk tak bleh blah :p Ehem, it's hard to blog lately, been busy (kau tak busy tak sah ek ciare? pfttt sangat, like everyone else not busy at all lah kunun). But the fact is, I am. I work like 12 hours a day. 8 hours during office hours and add on some hours at house. Weekend pon adoo jugak. But here I am, right now, on vacation he he. So I have about 1 one before our candle light dinner :) -- my location now is secret, shhhh hihi

This pictures added into drafts post for like couple of months. Yes, we still don't have our perfect dream house yet. Still renting a house in Seri Kembangan. Hmmm. Well, I love my current-rented-house because, we live there since like forever. Since May 2009. I live there 2 weeks in advanced with my sister before my wedding day. And in that house, full with memories. The sweet and bitter of marriage. The witness of our marriage. Ommo! I can't believe if we'll move out, it's a heartbreaking to leave the house Y__Y

Unfortunately, the landlord doesn't want to sell the house, so yeah, let's just have a peek and jalan2 to find a house which match our hearts. We're 2 simple adults. We want a single-terraced house. Specification maybe 20'x70' with low price of course. And my low price begin with 250K. Emm... Easy peasy jelah nak cari, susah sangat ke???








And the fact is, it was really hard to find. Erm I mean, the one with our budget price. So sad!! We found houses yang OK then harga tak OK, then price OK but house not OK, some sort like that. Phewww man, damn it was not easy!

So maybe, for the meantime, we'll live in our current-rent-house a little bit longer, since the landlords still not kicking us out from the house. Well, he got no reason to kick us off the house. We're doing the rental-payment really great. Never miss the payment date and never late. We follow all the terms and conditions applied accordingly to what the agreement says. Yeah, we have agreement whatever, it's ok lah, it's theirs property. They have rights to do whatever terms and conditions they want too. No problemo. As long as not bullsh*t then it's fine.

Let's cuci mata sket with these houses. Really nice..

The double story's price started from 650K for intermediate house and the corner house price start from 750K like that.

Single storey price start from 400K and the corner house about 600K gitewwww. Kau hado??? HAHA

Who want to buy this, kindly call the given numbers OK. The location? Erm, maybe you should call the number and ask yourself la :p Until then, just keep on dreaming and dreaminggg.

Because dreaming is FREE. I love free stuff. Huhu

note ** some might ask, takkan you tak afford house
with 300K? Well, it's not the afford-problem.
Mampu sekali pun, tapi kecik dan tak menepati ciri2
idaman. With 300K, I'll have a huge bungalow 
already in my hometown. Hmm, InsyaAllah..
That one fine day, will come ^___^

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

shop til drop!

I'd love it when my sis comes to my house all the way from Ipoh. Since my husband always working every Saturday, sometimes Sunday too, I feel bored doing nothing besides cuddling all day with my double-trouble-rayyanhasya. Yes, I could cuddle with 'em all day, but... you know, it's a women nature to be out for {clear throat} shopping he he he

MK always said "If you feel bored at home, just go somewhere with your friends. I'm fine with it". Erm but excuse me dear?? Me go out with my friends?! At this age, I think all my friends are married and they have their own family. I don't want to ruin their weekend hu hu

More or less, I realllly looking forward to have my sister here in KL so we could happily shopping like crazy :p

OK Hasya, please behave and watch {and learn} how mama shops he he

1st and foremost, don't you ever forget to get a selfie snapshots of yourself. Bigger mirror is better ;)

OK mama, got it :p

We went for shopping in Bangi area this time. The last time she came here to KL, we went for shopping in Shah Alam and it was exciting!

Last but not least, selfie all together he he. So Hasya, have you learn the tips? :p

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