Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shop Alone

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Shop alone is a lot better than home alone, right ladies? He he. Anyway I do shop alone all the time. 90% my shopping time was spent alone. Sadist right? Y___Y It's OK. I get used to it. I find it hard to shop with my two little angels. Normally me, hubs and kids only go out for sight-seeing, window shopping (so mama can targets few things to shop later on he he), or only shop for the kids. But to buy stuff for us, we used to go to the mall just the two of us and concentrate for our garments only. Other than that, we'll ended up for chasing Rayyan around the mall who likes to play hide and seek and make me half dead of losing him T___T And the little sister also wants full attention nowadays. She wants everybody to peekaboo her all the times and will scream her lungs out if she's not being entertained. Phew, that's parenthood buddy. You won't understand it or believe it, until you have at least one. He he. It's beautiful... erm..beautiful with it's own way lah of course :p

So on one fine afternoon, during the lunch break, I went to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. My intention was paying some bills and termination some service whatever and it only can be done in Sunway Pyramid or Timesquare they said. Why on earth la it can't be done via online payment if you want to terminate it? Nak subscribed boleh je settled via online. But why not terminate? Hmm this kind of service is torturing customer namanya. The concept is like, when you want their money, you will do anything, and if customer don't want your service anymore, you make customer do this, do that, sign documents whatever. Whattefish? Hmm

But anyway, it has ended with peace already. Feels good (read: after fought with the customer service hehe)

Since I had to go all the way to Sunway Pyramid, let's do some shopping as the token hehe. Bought this at H&M with very affordable price. Susah weh nak cari cheaper blazer and comfy. Not so cheap lah anyway, but I like it from the 1st sight! Wajib beli or later on I'll dream about it 24 seven :x


  1. kurusnya kau rahsia maintain ni??

    aku pun tak menyabar nak shopping secara puas, tapi entah bila
    lepas naik keje lah kot merasa
    skrg ni dok umah ulit anak je lah..manfaatkan cuti 3 bulan

    1. idaknya kurus. 3kg lagi nak 70. Sedeh!!


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