Wednesday, May 7, 2014

shop til drop!

I'd love it when my sis comes to my house all the way from Ipoh. Since my husband always working every Saturday, sometimes Sunday too, I feel bored doing nothing besides cuddling all day with my double-trouble-rayyanhasya. Yes, I could cuddle with 'em all day, but... you know, it's a women nature to be out for {clear throat} shopping he he he

MK always said "If you feel bored at home, just go somewhere with your friends. I'm fine with it". Erm but excuse me dear?? Me go out with my friends?! At this age, I think all my friends are married and they have their own family. I don't want to ruin their weekend hu hu

More or less, I realllly looking forward to have my sister here in KL so we could happily shopping like crazy :p

OK Hasya, please behave and watch {and learn} how mama shops he he

1st and foremost, don't you ever forget to get a selfie snapshots of yourself. Bigger mirror is better ;)

OK mama, got it :p

We went for shopping in Bangi area this time. The last time she came here to KL, we went for shopping in Shah Alam and it was exciting!

Last but not least, selfie all together he he. So Hasya, have you learn the tips? :p

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