Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mom&Son's Outing Day

The perks of being mommy is (in a beautiful aspect hi hi i won't spoil this story with mommies-issues-with-the-children :p), you'll get a brand new BFF without insecure feeling. BFF that forever will be yours. Or at least until they turn 25 years old and get married and whatnot. Err remember honey, heaven is under my two feet OK so you're so gonna be my BFF until my last breath :)

And now, I'm slowly educating my 1st child to be my BFF. We're doing stuff together, we play together and interact more with him. Hence the mom & son's day out last week hi hi. Anyway this almost-4-years-old toddler is quite hard to handle. I miss him when he was 2 years old. Too adorable to say NO to him. But now, I can't even count NO words in a day that I've said to him. True, NO words is not good to your child. In stead of saying NO, you must say something else to explain the NO situations. But, I can't compute my brain within seconds if I see the harmful situations like, he's pushing his sister from the back, he pulls her sister's hair and she fall down, he rides her sister like and imaging riding a horse, and the list goes on. Seriously!! How on earth to say other than NO in those heart-attack situations? #urutdada

But then again, he's just a toddler. Not even 4 years old. There's a lot to learn and he is a good learner (miss him already tsk tsk). So to have a good bond between us, we went out together. Since the FLORIA is held in Putrajaya so why not. Just give it a try for our 1st date, without his father nor his sister.

He's doing great. But, tantrum happens I guess. Can not just get rid of that so easily. Even my niece goes tantrum and she's 8 years old now. So, I'm expecting tantrum scenes for few years ahead. Yeay T__T. But he's such a cutie. Like to be in pictures. Even he insisted to pose with the fishes at his back :) Other visitors like "awwwww cutenya your son suka posing. my son he's just running everywhere..".. and yes I saw her son running and not pausing even for one second. So i'm feeling lucky. I always think my son the most active child but the truth is, other kids ada yang more difficult to handle.

And we went to Alamanda for sight-seeing. Because it was so hot at the FLORIA so we had to find a cooler place to hang out. But at the time we got there, Rayyan was already tired. And how on earth, I forgot to bring the stroller?? Duh! Unfortunately pulak, the strollers provided by the mall, all taken. Pitty him, he had to walk on his own. He wanted me to lift him up, but man, that so not mom's job. That's like forever is your father's job to lift you up. Not me, mm-mm. HAHA :D

And suddenly this brilliant idea cross my mind. Why not we go for a movie? He can sit down and I can relax ha ha. And lucky us, the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie was just about to start. Yeayy happy me and happy him ^_^

Overall, mom&son's day out really great. My husband got jealous when I told him everything and he wanted his own date with his son later. He he. Tau takpe (rayyan's new fav words hihi)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Groceries shopping & BBQing :)

Just don't waste sweet weekends doing nothing at all. So we added new hobby in the list, which is BBQ. Yeay. #happylifehappywife, remember? Eh :D Anyway I'm not sure BBQ thingy is permitted or not in this neighborhood. Because I think some area they need permission to do it, but I think we didn't have to. Or we might be just keep doing it as long as the house guards tell us DON'T.

So BBQ it is. I love this activity so much. But if you plan to have lunch with it, you might have to start from 10am. The charcoal is not easy to be burnt. Really. Unfortunately, we don't have much experience about it, we started the fire at 12.30pm. And we had lunch 3 hours later. HA HA. Damn, it was not easy. But exciting!

In the morning we went to Giant for some groceries shopping activity. We even brought the kids to play area and suddenly we realized we were starve already! Needed to go home asap! Haha

 Oh, someone slept during the shopping time. She's not the type of baby that can sleep anywhere, so it's quite amazing view ;p

 Grilled lambs for adults and grilled chicken for kids. Yeay. So delicious! Wanna see the chef?

 This is the chef. Imported from Ipoh. Ipoh mali lai lai lai :D And wa ate rakusly after that. Hence no picture of the on-table-food. He he. Yeay can't wait for another BBQ meals this weekend! ^_^

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A sorry note to my children #rayyanhasya

I'm feeling guilty for what I've done. For not being a good mom to them lately. I'm becoming so garang at home and scolded them because of their cute mistakes. They're just children for God sakes!! What have you done ciare??

Today, I've read so many motivation stories. To get back all the positive vibes for myself. Because if I'm in the negative mode, I'm not being a good mom. Thus I need the positivity. Ya Allah, please forgive my sins towards this innocent children. Please protect them from any harm. Amin

Babies, please forgive me. Please don't stop loving me.

Love you two eternally;
Emotional mom

I really miss you two. Can't wait to have you in my arms!!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Who love IKEA please raise your hand! *gila lah siapa tak suka kan hehe, or memang ada orang tak suka?please let me know I want to congratulate that person*. In fact I go to IKEA everyday virtually. I browse the IKEA's application in my tab every night before I go to sleep and hopefully I'll see the beautiful of ideas of home decorating in my sleeps. Mihmih

But you know, having only ONE IKEA in this country, is a bad news. (But I was told one will open in cheras in the end of this year, and another will open in Penang in 2016, thank God) It's always a full-house in IKEA either it's a working days and don't tell me how it's going to be during holiday. Phew *lap peluh*. And I went to IKEA during a weekday's lunch break. And I managed to buy really lots of stuffs. Thanks to the IKEA mobile apps. I just have to browse and choose whatever I want and print the details which contains all the facts you have to know especially the availability of the product and the rack location. You don't want to waste your time finding the right locations. With the right info, 1 hour shopping time is more than enough.

And one more tips, don't go to IKEA after your payday. 15th~23th day of the month would be fantastic. You'll have the most peaceful feelings in IKEA during that time. Other than that, just cross your fingers and pray you'll have a 'sweet' time over there kihkih.

Bought some stuffs for the kids. Got Rayyan a bed for him. But pity him, mama bought the wrong size of mattress for him. Still don't get a chance to exchange the mattress. A friend who works in IKEA said the exchange will last to 100 days after the purchased.

 The bed and the wrong mattress. So we have to sumbat extra pillows, cushions, soft toys and whatnot to make it comfortable to sleep on. Both of them really love the leave. Hasya, she ate it. Huhu. But this bed not exactly for Rayyan. Sometimes Hasya sleeps on it too.

Erm even sometimes, the father will sleep on it if the mother and children conquer all the space on the queen bed. He's not the type of person who will wake someone to give him some space. Because if it's me, I'll lift up either Rayyan or Hasya to the kid's bed and make myself comfortable in the queen zone. But not MK. He'll sleep somewhere else and will not wake anyone. Since he fits the kid's bed and his weight is lighter (than me), hence why not just use it. Later in the morning, I'd see an adults on the kid's bed. Not the kid (-_-")

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Kids

My kids and their cousins really get along together. They're so close just like siblings. Rayyan will tantrum for hours after his cousins go back to Perak. Gosh! It's hard to explain to him that we're not like 'together-all-time'. And guess who just learn to cry when people left her? Yeah, the smaller ones. Last year we have to cater with 1 kid, and now we have two. They cried their lungs out and even lost their voice! And of course, the screaming package is included the vomiting whatsoever. Hu hu..

Yup, they're so clingy like that. The cousins are big enough and already know the concept of going home. Few years ago, they were just like Rayyan & Hasya. They burst into tears every single time Maksu went back to KL. Aiyooo so sad lah that time. It made me cried also, literally.

This is them. Minus the Hasya in this picture. They do everything together. From eating, bathing, playing of course, watching youtube (-_-"), sleeping etc.

This boy, who ask for KAKAK everyday. But few weeks after he doesn't see the cousins, he will stop questioning. I have asked him once, "where is kakak?", and he replied spontaneously, "kakak work"

* krik krik krik * * bunyi cengkerik *


So after that, we know that he assumes anybody who's not there in the house, is going to work. Oh boy, your KAKAKS are working soooooooo longggg for months until we meet again ^_^

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Alhamdulillah :)

Praised to Allah The Almighty.

It's been 5 years since we got married and we have 2 kids now. Sobs sobs. Can't describe this thankful feelings. Merely words can show what I feel right now. But, married person should understand this feeling. The happiness that we build together with our loved ones. The sweet and bitter, the happy times vs. the hard times, the sad times vs. the joy times. OMG!! We learn from each other so much. We fought so many times but ended up hugging together and holding hands, smiling and laughing about everything. We stare to each other and hide the laughter when Rayyan says something really fun while enhancing his vocabularies. We pointed each other to pick Hasya up when she fall down from her walking lesson, but after that we scramble to have Hasya in our arms. Ya Allah, thank you for this blissful marriage. Hope our love stronger each day. Amin.

 So we had our short anniversary holiday to PD,  about 2 hours away from Klang Valley. And we had my sisters-in-law with their family also. So lively and happening! Since, our niece; alia's birthday also in May, we celebrated together. The more the merrier right :D

 Actually I'm kinda made the special cake for this event but I'm very sad to tell here that my red velvet cake, burst. Ha ha. Don't know why but I'm really disappointed, hence the secret recipe's cake. Never mind, as long as there was a cake to get some bite. Wasn't it?

My sister-in-law made yong-tau-foo!! Yummy!! She's a good cook and creative in her cookings. I adore her for that ;)


Wait a minute! No it's not complete. Azza was not in this picture. Azza is 3 months older than Hasya but, physically Hasya is bigger than her. Hehe. Bese la my babies really tembams on their baby's day. Well, that's true for Rayyan. We'll see what will happen with Hasya soon hi hi
 Birthday girl with Ibu and her little sister; Airis. They came all the way from Terengganu to be with us. So sweet :)

 Happy kids

 My small family.
Another one or two child(ren) would fit into the frame, I think ;) HE HE HE

 OK just straight to the end la ek ;p Kinda tired to type caption for each picture HAHA. So malas mama ni. Fat and lazy lor -____-"

Last but not least, I love you my darling husband MK :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watching Maleficent.

Who still don't watch Maleficent?? Then hurry up because it's still airing at most of cinema in Klang Valley. We watched this movie at TGV The Mines on the 1st week and boy, it was full house. The show was great!! I feel like to watch it again but you know, maybe I just can download it 2 months later for the HD version. Being a mom of two, went out for movie is good enough. So just forget being a totally selfish mom, no need to watch in twice he he. Pengorbanan di situ ;) Because I'd usually watch my favorite movies more than 1 time you know. It satisfies my movies-craze (am not sure such words exist but it means really-like-watching-movies la la la)

And of course, my ultimate partner in crime was my sister. And free another 2 kids. And free another toddler. My toddler. He he. Oh, and the baby was not with us. I couldn't handle two of them at the same time if the father not around. So it's either brought one of them or none. Hu hu. It's OK baby. We'll go for another movie this weekend OK? How To Train Your Dragons 2 seems suit the kids.

 Look carefully. Maybe you'll miss the adult in above picture. Yup, 1 adult, 2 kids and 1 toddler. If I'm in the picture, I would be the gigantic monster *bitter*

 The happiest creatures to see a creature called Maleficent. Mmm, but the boy didn't. He slept through the whole movie. Safe and sound (-_-") Lucky I didn't buy extra seat for him. He sat on me for the longest 2 hours in my life and made my legs numb. I couldn't walk myself out from the cinema after the movie. I had to defrost my numb legs for 10 minutes HAHA *sounds like to defrost some chickens part from the fridge huh?*

Synopsis of Maleficent:
The true story behind the Sleepy Beauty fairy tales. You know, it is a good story. Where the hero of the story is not really a hero. But it was a villain. Where a fairy was hurt and betrayed by a greedy human. Ahh can't tell you all, I don't want to spoil it. You guys should really watch it yourselves. It's worth the dimes.

 Sight-seeing in the watering mall. Seems like years before my last visit to this mall. The water really smelly. I think something died in the water. Fishes of course. The management really should think on how to solve that smelly smells. It disturbed us. And still.

 But this threesome were like "what smell?" yeah honey. You're too busy running, shouting whatevs. You won't smell it. Just standstill, and you will. Will you? Nahh!! They continue running and shouting as if it's their grandfather's mall or something hu hu

 And reward ourselves with yummy churros at Auntie Anne's booth. But I'm not into chocolate. I'd prefer the some-bread-with-sausages ;)


Monday, June 9, 2014

To Cameron Highland!

Assalamualaikum ;;)


Suddenly I remember this one nursery rhymes song, which is Rayyan's favorite.

Down at the station early in the morning
See the little puffer trains all in row
Here comes the driver to start up the engine
Puff puff peep peep

 Face it! Mommy knows lotsa nursery rhymes and she remembers those songs very well. For the sake of her child(ren)'s happiness HE HE
So, Cameron Highlands it was. We went there for a few hours only. We got there at 4pm at went down after maghrib. Took a few breathtaking pictures, hot tea with cameron's significant menu either it some strawberry smoothies or whatevs.

After the rain so we don't want to risk ourselves for some unwanted tergolek scenes hihi

With my not so little prince and the nieces

Errr maybe I shouldn't put this picture here but whatevs. This is me. Gumuks

Photo-bombed by rayyan

My loves

Bought some flowers and veges. The florist said the flowers will last for 2 years. We asked really???? like for 10 times and she said yes 10 times also. She added, no need to put in wet vast also And the flowers died 2 days after. I'm not sure she knows DAY or YEAR lor. Pathetic sangat.

Maybe we should have a real holiday in Cameron Highlands soon. 2D1N would be good. Babe, let's!

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