Thursday, June 19, 2014

Groceries shopping & BBQing :)

Just don't waste sweet weekends doing nothing at all. So we added new hobby in the list, which is BBQ. Yeay. #happylifehappywife, remember? Eh :D Anyway I'm not sure BBQ thingy is permitted or not in this neighborhood. Because I think some area they need permission to do it, but I think we didn't have to. Or we might be just keep doing it as long as the house guards tell us DON'T.

So BBQ it is. I love this activity so much. But if you plan to have lunch with it, you might have to start from 10am. The charcoal is not easy to be burnt. Really. Unfortunately, we don't have much experience about it, we started the fire at 12.30pm. And we had lunch 3 hours later. HA HA. Damn, it was not easy. But exciting!

In the morning we went to Giant for some groceries shopping activity. We even brought the kids to play area and suddenly we realized we were starve already! Needed to go home asap! Haha

 Oh, someone slept during the shopping time. She's not the type of baby that can sleep anywhere, so it's quite amazing view ;p

 Grilled lambs for adults and grilled chicken for kids. Yeay. So delicious! Wanna see the chef?

 This is the chef. Imported from Ipoh. Ipoh mali lai lai lai :D And wa ate rakusly after that. Hence no picture of the on-table-food. He he. Yeay can't wait for another BBQ meals this weekend! ^_^

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