Monday, June 16, 2014


Who love IKEA please raise your hand! *gila lah siapa tak suka kan hehe, or memang ada orang tak suka?please let me know I want to congratulate that person*. In fact I go to IKEA everyday virtually. I browse the IKEA's application in my tab every night before I go to sleep and hopefully I'll see the beautiful of ideas of home decorating in my sleeps. Mihmih

But you know, having only ONE IKEA in this country, is a bad news. (But I was told one will open in cheras in the end of this year, and another will open in Penang in 2016, thank God) It's always a full-house in IKEA either it's a working days and don't tell me how it's going to be during holiday. Phew *lap peluh*. And I went to IKEA during a weekday's lunch break. And I managed to buy really lots of stuffs. Thanks to the IKEA mobile apps. I just have to browse and choose whatever I want and print the details which contains all the facts you have to know especially the availability of the product and the rack location. You don't want to waste your time finding the right locations. With the right info, 1 hour shopping time is more than enough.

And one more tips, don't go to IKEA after your payday. 15th~23th day of the month would be fantastic. You'll have the most peaceful feelings in IKEA during that time. Other than that, just cross your fingers and pray you'll have a 'sweet' time over there kihkih.

Bought some stuffs for the kids. Got Rayyan a bed for him. But pity him, mama bought the wrong size of mattress for him. Still don't get a chance to exchange the mattress. A friend who works in IKEA said the exchange will last to 100 days after the purchased.

 The bed and the wrong mattress. So we have to sumbat extra pillows, cushions, soft toys and whatnot to make it comfortable to sleep on. Both of them really love the leave. Hasya, she ate it. Huhu. But this bed not exactly for Rayyan. Sometimes Hasya sleeps on it too.

Erm even sometimes, the father will sleep on it if the mother and children conquer all the space on the queen bed. He's not the type of person who will wake someone to give him some space. Because if it's me, I'll lift up either Rayyan or Hasya to the kid's bed and make myself comfortable in the queen zone. But not MK. He'll sleep somewhere else and will not wake anyone. Since he fits the kid's bed and his weight is lighter (than me), hence why not just use it. Later in the morning, I'd see an adults on the kid's bed. Not the kid (-_-")

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