Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mom&Son's Outing Day

The perks of being mommy is (in a beautiful aspect hi hi i won't spoil this story with mommies-issues-with-the-children :p), you'll get a brand new BFF without insecure feeling. BFF that forever will be yours. Or at least until they turn 25 years old and get married and whatnot. Err remember honey, heaven is under my two feet OK so you're so gonna be my BFF until my last breath :)

And now, I'm slowly educating my 1st child to be my BFF. We're doing stuff together, we play together and interact more with him. Hence the mom & son's day out last week hi hi. Anyway this almost-4-years-old toddler is quite hard to handle. I miss him when he was 2 years old. Too adorable to say NO to him. But now, I can't even count NO words in a day that I've said to him. True, NO words is not good to your child. In stead of saying NO, you must say something else to explain the NO situations. But, I can't compute my brain within seconds if I see the harmful situations like, he's pushing his sister from the back, he pulls her sister's hair and she fall down, he rides her sister like and imaging riding a horse, and the list goes on. Seriously!! How on earth to say other than NO in those heart-attack situations? #urutdada

But then again, he's just a toddler. Not even 4 years old. There's a lot to learn and he is a good learner (miss him already tsk tsk). So to have a good bond between us, we went out together. Since the FLORIA is held in Putrajaya so why not. Just give it a try for our 1st date, without his father nor his sister.

He's doing great. But, tantrum happens I guess. Can not just get rid of that so easily. Even my niece goes tantrum and she's 8 years old now. So, I'm expecting tantrum scenes for few years ahead. Yeay T__T. But he's such a cutie. Like to be in pictures. Even he insisted to pose with the fishes at his back :) Other visitors like "awwwww cutenya your son suka posing. my son he's just running everywhere..".. and yes I saw her son running and not pausing even for one second. So i'm feeling lucky. I always think my son the most active child but the truth is, other kids ada yang more difficult to handle.

And we went to Alamanda for sight-seeing. Because it was so hot at the FLORIA so we had to find a cooler place to hang out. But at the time we got there, Rayyan was already tired. And how on earth, I forgot to bring the stroller?? Duh! Unfortunately pulak, the strollers provided by the mall, all taken. Pitty him, he had to walk on his own. He wanted me to lift him up, but man, that so not mom's job. That's like forever is your father's job to lift you up. Not me, mm-mm. HAHA :D

And suddenly this brilliant idea cross my mind. Why not we go for a movie? He can sit down and I can relax ha ha. And lucky us, the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie was just about to start. Yeayy happy me and happy him ^_^

Overall, mom&son's day out really great. My husband got jealous when I told him everything and he wanted his own date with his son later. He he. Tau takpe (rayyan's new fav words hihi)


  1. good boy rayyan.. tak pernah lagi keluar berdua with rayyan since sumayyah ada..selalu kluar b3, fun jugak la.. adik blm pandai bt perngai lg kan hihi

    1. keluar bertiga? means bawak sumayyah skali ke? OMG u lagi terror laaa kalo macam tu!! U go girl ;)


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