Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Alhamdulillah :)

Praised to Allah The Almighty.

It's been 5 years since we got married and we have 2 kids now. Sobs sobs. Can't describe this thankful feelings. Merely words can show what I feel right now. But, married person should understand this feeling. The happiness that we build together with our loved ones. The sweet and bitter, the happy times vs. the hard times, the sad times vs. the joy times. OMG!! We learn from each other so much. We fought so many times but ended up hugging together and holding hands, smiling and laughing about everything. We stare to each other and hide the laughter when Rayyan says something really fun while enhancing his vocabularies. We pointed each other to pick Hasya up when she fall down from her walking lesson, but after that we scramble to have Hasya in our arms. Ya Allah, thank you for this blissful marriage. Hope our love stronger each day. Amin.

 So we had our short anniversary holiday to PD,  about 2 hours away from Klang Valley. And we had my sisters-in-law with their family also. So lively and happening! Since, our niece; alia's birthday also in May, we celebrated together. The more the merrier right :D

 Actually I'm kinda made the special cake for this event but I'm very sad to tell here that my red velvet cake, burst. Ha ha. Don't know why but I'm really disappointed, hence the secret recipe's cake. Never mind, as long as there was a cake to get some bite. Wasn't it?

My sister-in-law made yong-tau-foo!! Yummy!! She's a good cook and creative in her cookings. I adore her for that ;)


Wait a minute! No it's not complete. Azza was not in this picture. Azza is 3 months older than Hasya but, physically Hasya is bigger than her. Hehe. Bese la my babies really tembams on their baby's day. Well, that's true for Rayyan. We'll see what will happen with Hasya soon hi hi
 Birthday girl with Ibu and her little sister; Airis. They came all the way from Terengganu to be with us. So sweet :)

 Happy kids

 My small family.
Another one or two child(ren) would fit into the frame, I think ;) HE HE HE

 OK just straight to the end la ek ;p Kinda tired to type caption for each picture HAHA. So malas mama ni. Fat and lazy lor -____-"

Last but not least, I love you my darling husband MK :)

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