Monday, June 9, 2014

Pergi Seminar ICT

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Run from all the paper works and codings is really great. So my boss sent my team to this one seminar located in Off Jalan Kerinchi, the opposite of Bangsar South. Forgot the name already. Phew. The title of the seminar is "Big Data - Endless Possibilities" and Minister of Multimedia telah merasmikannya

The talk was full with unthinkable knowledge and must be absorbed in few hours. Technologies nowadays really wow. Even though I'm in this technology field, but it's still too much to know it all. Berpoluh makcik!

Ugh, the most memorable times. Ha ha. Eating time jugakkk ko ingat ek ciare ;)) The food was really great!! In the morning we were served with delicious nasi lemak and assorted traditional kuih muih. For lunch, please read the menu above. Superb!!

Ah! And one #selfie in the toilet. I can't even call it toilet because the rest room is so well designed. Feels like in 5 star hotel or something. It has sofa in it too! Wow. Really wow :) I'm really looking forward for other events like this in the future. Never mind la what type of events but as long as there will be plenty of foods then I'll be OK


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