Friday, June 13, 2014

The Kids

My kids and their cousins really get along together. They're so close just like siblings. Rayyan will tantrum for hours after his cousins go back to Perak. Gosh! It's hard to explain to him that we're not like 'together-all-time'. And guess who just learn to cry when people left her? Yeah, the smaller ones. Last year we have to cater with 1 kid, and now we have two. They cried their lungs out and even lost their voice! And of course, the screaming package is included the vomiting whatsoever. Hu hu..

Yup, they're so clingy like that. The cousins are big enough and already know the concept of going home. Few years ago, they were just like Rayyan & Hasya. They burst into tears every single time Maksu went back to KL. Aiyooo so sad lah that time. It made me cried also, literally.

This is them. Minus the Hasya in this picture. They do everything together. From eating, bathing, playing of course, watching youtube (-_-"), sleeping etc.

This boy, who ask for KAKAK everyday. But few weeks after he doesn't see the cousins, he will stop questioning. I have asked him once, "where is kakak?", and he replied spontaneously, "kakak work"

* krik krik krik * * bunyi cengkerik *


So after that, we know that he assumes anybody who's not there in the house, is going to work. Oh boy, your KAKAKS are working soooooooo longggg for months until we meet again ^_^

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