Monday, June 9, 2014

To Cameron Highland!

Assalamualaikum ;;)


Suddenly I remember this one nursery rhymes song, which is Rayyan's favorite.

Down at the station early in the morning
See the little puffer trains all in row
Here comes the driver to start up the engine
Puff puff peep peep

 Face it! Mommy knows lotsa nursery rhymes and she remembers those songs very well. For the sake of her child(ren)'s happiness HE HE
So, Cameron Highlands it was. We went there for a few hours only. We got there at 4pm at went down after maghrib. Took a few breathtaking pictures, hot tea with cameron's significant menu either it some strawberry smoothies or whatevs.

After the rain so we don't want to risk ourselves for some unwanted tergolek scenes hihi

With my not so little prince and the nieces

Errr maybe I shouldn't put this picture here but whatevs. This is me. Gumuks

Photo-bombed by rayyan

My loves

Bought some flowers and veges. The florist said the flowers will last for 2 years. We asked really???? like for 10 times and she said yes 10 times also. She added, no need to put in wet vast also And the flowers died 2 days after. I'm not sure she knows DAY or YEAR lor. Pathetic sangat.

Maybe we should have a real holiday in Cameron Highlands soon. 2D1N would be good. Babe, let's!

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