Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watching Maleficent.

Who still don't watch Maleficent?? Then hurry up because it's still airing at most of cinema in Klang Valley. We watched this movie at TGV The Mines on the 1st week and boy, it was full house. The show was great!! I feel like to watch it again but you know, maybe I just can download it 2 months later for the HD version. Being a mom of two, went out for movie is good enough. So just forget being a totally selfish mom, no need to watch in twice he he. Pengorbanan di situ ;) Because I'd usually watch my favorite movies more than 1 time you know. It satisfies my movies-craze (am not sure such words exist but it means really-like-watching-movies la la la)

And of course, my ultimate partner in crime was my sister. And free another 2 kids. And free another toddler. My toddler. He he. Oh, and the baby was not with us. I couldn't handle two of them at the same time if the father not around. So it's either brought one of them or none. Hu hu. It's OK baby. We'll go for another movie this weekend OK? How To Train Your Dragons 2 seems suit the kids.

 Look carefully. Maybe you'll miss the adult in above picture. Yup, 1 adult, 2 kids and 1 toddler. If I'm in the picture, I would be the gigantic monster *bitter*

 The happiest creatures to see a creature called Maleficent. Mmm, but the boy didn't. He slept through the whole movie. Safe and sound (-_-") Lucky I didn't buy extra seat for him. He sat on me for the longest 2 hours in my life and made my legs numb. I couldn't walk myself out from the cinema after the movie. I had to defrost my numb legs for 10 minutes HAHA *sounds like to defrost some chickens part from the fridge huh?*

Synopsis of Maleficent:
The true story behind the Sleepy Beauty fairy tales. You know, it is a good story. Where the hero of the story is not really a hero. But it was a villain. Where a fairy was hurt and betrayed by a greedy human. Ahh can't tell you all, I don't want to spoil it. You guys should really watch it yourselves. It's worth the dimes.

 Sight-seeing in the watering mall. Seems like years before my last visit to this mall. The water really smelly. I think something died in the water. Fishes of course. The management really should think on how to solve that smelly smells. It disturbed us. And still.

 But this threesome were like "what smell?" yeah honey. You're too busy running, shouting whatevs. You won't smell it. Just standstill, and you will. Will you? Nahh!! They continue running and shouting as if it's their grandfather's mall or something hu hu

 And reward ourselves with yummy churros at Auntie Anne's booth. But I'm not into chocolate. I'd prefer the some-bread-with-sausages ;)


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