Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dugaan Ramadhan di sini dan di sana....

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan,
Kita di sini menyambut Ramadhan
di dalam ketenangan
Belum 1 Ramadhan, dah siap tempah baju raya
Siap sedondon satu keluarga
Sebelum 1 Ramadhan, dah rasa tester biskut raya pelbagai
Siap dah tempah bertong-tong biskut
Dah masuk Ramadhan, setiap hari berbuka puasa tak pernah tak cukup
Malah berlebih
Beli juadah berbuka melebihi ruang perut
Dengar azan maghrib, tak sempat berkurma terus telan 1 jug air
Pukul 8 solat maghrib secara perlahan
Sebab perut dah penuh sangat, bila sujud perut dah berkocak air 1 jug tadi

Ya Allah...

Aku tak bercakap pasal orang lain, ada juga perkara di atas aku buat
Lemahnya diri ini
Pembaziran amalan syaitan, tapi syaitan dah diikat!
Bertuankan nafsu kah kita?

Di bumi Palestine
Umat Islam berpuasa sambil menyelamatkan diri
Dari bom dan serangan rejim zionis
Wanita dan anak-anak fokus utama untuk dihapuskan
Mereka bukan pengganas
Pengganaskah dia jika masih bayi?
Pengganaskah dia sampai dibom ketika memeluk anaknya?

Ya Allah...
Jangankan puasa 14 jam, malah ada yang berpuasa berhari-hari
Kerana terputus sumber makanan
Mereka berbuka timun, tomato, cebisan roti yang telah dibom

Ya Allah...
Kejamnya si zionis Israhell ini
Berhati lebih keras dari batu
Berhati lebih busuk dari bangkai
Bersifat lebih binatang dari binatang
Malah batu bangkai binatang semuanya lebih sejuta kali baik dari Israhell ini
Ya Allah, Kau hapuskan lah mereka yang kejam dari bumi ini
Bumi, kau telan lah mereka ini yang membunuh saudara-saudara kami :'(

Di penghujung Ramadhan ini
Semoga saudara kita di Gaza, di bumi Palestine,
Kemenangan sempena menyambut Syawal

Kita di sini, ingatlah mereka
Doakan lah kesejahteraan mereka
Doakanlah syahid syahidah itu pergi meninggalkan kemenangan
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin


Dan aku ingin mengucapkan takziah kepada ahli keluarga mangsa2 di dalam Malaysia Airlines MH17. Al Fatihah untuk mangsa beragama Islam.

Sama2 juga kita doakan mereka yang 'pergi' di dalam nahas MH17 ini, segera diuruskan jenazahnya. Semoga keluarga juga cekal apabila berhadapan dengan proses2 pengurusan jenazah/pengecaman/keadilan. Kerana faktor2 politik duniawi dan juga konflik peperangan di negara2 terlibat. Amin


Thursday, July 17, 2014



Yawn :D I don't have enough sleep, every single day. I can't sleep early and I have to wake up early to prepare for sahur. Well, I'm not in the stage where I just can wait someone to prepare sahur for us. Someone has to do it and obviously, it's not the husband hu hu. Never mind, every little things I did willingly, hopefully will get pahala right? InsyaAllah.

Wake up early is not the hardest part during sahur. The hardest part is........





.....we have to entertain this little girl. OK did I told you that she ONLY wants her mother? Got the idea? Can imagine right? Hehe. Anyway she wakes up everyday during sahur EXCEPT yesterday and today. And wow! We managed to finish sahur at 5 am peacefully. Her brother? Naaah, that little boy sleeps really well. He's good at sleeping. Since he one year old plus, he doesn't wake up at night to ask for milk etc. Thank God :) So the challenge is only to prepare sahur and entertain this one girl at 4am. Phew. She's so clingy with me. But it's OK cause I'm loving it. She's my sweetheart, my sugarplum muahh

So basically, I #sahurgram her pictures instead of picture of foods ^_^. She's so delicious I want to bite her :D

Friday, July 11, 2014


Marhaban Ya Ramadhan :)

Happy Fasting my friends :) Time flies so fast, today is the 13th day in Ramadhan. In two weeks plus, Ramadhan will leave us. I hope, I have the chance to meet Ramadhan again, next year and many more years after that. InsyaAllah.

Anyway since we're on fasting-month-mode, so almost everyone who active on social networks will upload pictures of #iftargram and spamming timelines/feeds like crazy hi hi. Either it's homemade or ready made from Bazar Ramadhan, anything will do. As long as, there is #iftargram posts HE HE

But boy this year, phew. Preparing for Iftar (breaking fast) really hard with those two active kids in the house. Usually Rayyan seems OK but he's got mood swing also lar. Depends on luck. One day, he's such a charm and so sweet (read: tak kacau mama), but the other day, on the unlucky day, that almost-4-year old boy really testing my iman in this beautiful month he he.

And the other child, my beautiful Hasya, always demanding for mama. She's sooo clingy after I got back from work. I know, she misses me and she wants to have all the sweet times and breastfeed peacefully with me. But, this month, I have to prepare our food for iftar and that makes her upset. She will tantrum in the kitchen, she will scream her lungs out, she will do everything and anything just to seek my attention. Oh My God! All I want is patient patient sabar sabarrrr.

Consequences, I'd just lift her up and carry her with one hand, and the other hand doing the cooking etc. Phew, like seriously, I am super mama HUHU.

Why not just buy the foodies from bazar ramadhan? Hmm. Actually me myself almost can't swallow foods from bazar ramadhan. It's ok, as long as I have the strength, I will cook. But actually, MK will go to bazar ramadhan every day to buy kuih muih or desserts. And I will make the main dishes. Like that lor. Since I have no talents in making desserts he he

 Lately, I fall in love with this. It's name is Shake&Take. It's kinda smoothies maker. And everyday is smoothies day for iftar dan sahur hehe. For the time being, milkshake with dates & milkshake with banana is the best! This weekend, gonna find some strawberries/blackberries and smoothies it hehe.

 Laksa Mee
So, if you're not a Perakian you might be like 'Laksa what? Mee laksa what? Why does it look like that? Why there is crab and sambal on it? It doesn't look like laksa?' - that kind of questions. It's ok I'm used to it he he. Actually 'laksa mee' is the name of the noodle itself. It's not regular mee and it's not spaghetti. But the taste and texture is in between that. Gitu Lor!
It's just a normal crab soup, sambal udang like really spicy! and the noodles! Add kacang panjang & lobak masin for the merrier he he

 I loveeeeee that ayam goreng berempah. Just knew how to make it and it's going to be my forever-favorite-kind-of-ayam-goreng. Slurp! And spicy lala, my husband's favourite.

 And I made Laksa Mee twice in this month. My husband totally loving it. He's even ask for more but, we're out of stock for the laksa mee. Since the noodles only available in Perak so, we have to borong the noodles this raya! He he

Only managed to capture this pictures even though I cook everyday. It's not easy to cook and prepare everything at the same time, entertaining the 2 kids. The house almost transform to a circus you know. Phew ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum ;;)

Alhamdulillah, we have the chance to fast in this holy month of the year. And we decided to celebrate the 1st Ramadhan in Terengganu last Sunday (MK's hometown of course). Since we're going to celeb Syawal in Perak 1st so why not, we spend Ramadhan in Terengganu. I'm a very democratic person. I do not torture my partner cause I know he misses his kampung so much. Even though both his parents are not here anymore, but he always wanted to make the sibling's bond become stronger and not forgetting each other. I really hope to feel this wonderful feelings more years to come.

But before we went to Terengganu, we passed by Perak and sent my mom to Ipoh, to accompany my sister since her husband will be away for couple of months. I don't want her to sahur and break fast alone. And we went to Terengganu the day after, through Cameron Highlands, Gua Musang, Felda Aring, Tasik Kenyir, Kuala Berang and then his hometown somewhere in Ajil. WOW, the roads getting better nowadays and I prefer these roads compare to LPT, Jalan Jabor-Bukit Besi and whatnot. Spend few hours at Cameron Highlands give extra point yeay :D My husband, he said why not we spend the night in Cameron Highlands and have sahur over there, then we go to Terengganu. Erkk, really?

Ugh, and I did not approve that idea. I want my 1st sahur this year will be a beautiful moment and not wonder around town early in the morning to find food, let alone the extra 'handbags-you-know-what-i-mean' that running and shouting to each other. I don't think it's a good idea. In fact, I grounded myself and all of us to dine out cause it's such a pain to have a bite peacefully. I'd rather stay and home and being homies and cook whatever I want and eat how much I want. Hence, the latest size of me, urgh! HAHA. But as long as I'm happy, I'm happy. Eat happily will produce the happy me, yeay!

OK this merepek story has gone too far from the road. Let's focus on this Ramadhan entry OK :)

We started our journey from Perak to Terengganu at 9.30am. We arrived in Cameron 1 hour later and had some hot tea with scones and whatnot. Did some shopping of course. I bought some veges, flowers, strawberries and etc.

I bought some flowers; lavender and this cute-little-purple-whatever don't know the name. Forgot to ask the florist. And I added some cactus.

Roads to Gua Musang. Basically I slept after took these pictures and we arrived Gua Musang about 2pm :p

Yup the road is very quite and not busy at all. Hubs said that he saw only less than 20 vehicles during that 1 hour plus plus. Some areas don't have cellular coverage. Let alone the 3G, 4G huhu.

We had fun in the car. Rayyan didn't sleep at all. He slept about 1 hour before we reached to our destination.

Gua Musang. We stopped by for prayer and had lunch and arrived at hub's hometown at 6pm. Alhamdulillah.


On the next day, we did some groceries shopping for our 1st break-fast. Everyone got excited, I can tell. My sis-in-laws shopped golds to celebrate their kind-of-Ramadhan. Huhu

The most handsome boyfriend I've ever had! Seriously

Terengganu's Chinatown

Kids in army-pattern-kind-of-shirt

She's busy and didn't want to get off the bouncing car


On the 1st Ramadhan, after break fast, Tarawikh prayer (men), we had birthday celebration for these two siblings. Practically, rayyan&hasya's cousins. They turned 9 and 14 years old year. Happy birthday to Kakak & Afiq :)

Kakak in black scarf and Afiq (rayyan's favorite idol hu hu) in the blue shirt

Can you spot what was Rayyan doing? He shut his ears. He scared of the party poppers-don't-know-the-name he he

Last but not least, picture of everyone. Unfortunately half of you don't have the chance to meet your late grandparents. Al-Fatihah to their Tok Ki & Tok Ma; my parents in law.

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