Friday, July 11, 2014


Marhaban Ya Ramadhan :)

Happy Fasting my friends :) Time flies so fast, today is the 13th day in Ramadhan. In two weeks plus, Ramadhan will leave us. I hope, I have the chance to meet Ramadhan again, next year and many more years after that. InsyaAllah.

Anyway since we're on fasting-month-mode, so almost everyone who active on social networks will upload pictures of #iftargram and spamming timelines/feeds like crazy hi hi. Either it's homemade or ready made from Bazar Ramadhan, anything will do. As long as, there is #iftargram posts HE HE

But boy this year, phew. Preparing for Iftar (breaking fast) really hard with those two active kids in the house. Usually Rayyan seems OK but he's got mood swing also lar. Depends on luck. One day, he's such a charm and so sweet (read: tak kacau mama), but the other day, on the unlucky day, that almost-4-year old boy really testing my iman in this beautiful month he he.

And the other child, my beautiful Hasya, always demanding for mama. She's sooo clingy after I got back from work. I know, she misses me and she wants to have all the sweet times and breastfeed peacefully with me. But, this month, I have to prepare our food for iftar and that makes her upset. She will tantrum in the kitchen, she will scream her lungs out, she will do everything and anything just to seek my attention. Oh My God! All I want is patient patient sabar sabarrrr.

Consequences, I'd just lift her up and carry her with one hand, and the other hand doing the cooking etc. Phew, like seriously, I am super mama HUHU.

Why not just buy the foodies from bazar ramadhan? Hmm. Actually me myself almost can't swallow foods from bazar ramadhan. It's ok, as long as I have the strength, I will cook. But actually, MK will go to bazar ramadhan every day to buy kuih muih or desserts. And I will make the main dishes. Like that lor. Since I have no talents in making desserts he he

 Lately, I fall in love with this. It's name is Shake&Take. It's kinda smoothies maker. And everyday is smoothies day for iftar dan sahur hehe. For the time being, milkshake with dates & milkshake with banana is the best! This weekend, gonna find some strawberries/blackberries and smoothies it hehe.

 Laksa Mee
So, if you're not a Perakian you might be like 'Laksa what? Mee laksa what? Why does it look like that? Why there is crab and sambal on it? It doesn't look like laksa?' - that kind of questions. It's ok I'm used to it he he. Actually 'laksa mee' is the name of the noodle itself. It's not regular mee and it's not spaghetti. But the taste and texture is in between that. Gitu Lor!
It's just a normal crab soup, sambal udang like really spicy! and the noodles! Add kacang panjang & lobak masin for the merrier he he

 I loveeeeee that ayam goreng berempah. Just knew how to make it and it's going to be my forever-favorite-kind-of-ayam-goreng. Slurp! And spicy lala, my husband's favourite.

 And I made Laksa Mee twice in this month. My husband totally loving it. He's even ask for more but, we're out of stock for the laksa mee. Since the noodles only available in Perak so, we have to borong the noodles this raya! He he

Only managed to capture this pictures even though I cook everyday. It's not easy to cook and prepare everything at the same time, entertaining the 2 kids. The house almost transform to a circus you know. Phew ;)

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