Thursday, July 17, 2014



Yawn :D I don't have enough sleep, every single day. I can't sleep early and I have to wake up early to prepare for sahur. Well, I'm not in the stage where I just can wait someone to prepare sahur for us. Someone has to do it and obviously, it's not the husband hu hu. Never mind, every little things I did willingly, hopefully will get pahala right? InsyaAllah.

Wake up early is not the hardest part during sahur. The hardest part is........





.....we have to entertain this little girl. OK did I told you that she ONLY wants her mother? Got the idea? Can imagine right? Hehe. Anyway she wakes up everyday during sahur EXCEPT yesterday and today. And wow! We managed to finish sahur at 5 am peacefully. Her brother? Naaah, that little boy sleeps really well. He's good at sleeping. Since he one year old plus, he doesn't wake up at night to ask for milk etc. Thank God :) So the challenge is only to prepare sahur and entertain this one girl at 4am. Phew. She's so clingy with me. But it's OK cause I'm loving it. She's my sweetheart, my sugarplum muahh

So basically, I #sahurgram her pictures instead of picture of foods ^_^. She's so delicious I want to bite her :D

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