Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My fav cafe in Putrajaya

Assalamualaikum, to whoever visiting and reading this blog's contents, which has almost 300-400 unique visitors a day, thank you for clicking my nuffnang ads mihmihmih.

So, what you guys doing during holidays? Or like yesterday, a day off from the workplace, what you guys did? For us, not much, because hubs had something to do. Well, we went out (at last! after hours waiting my hubs finish the job) just for sight seeing and makan makan obviously.

Lately, err not so lately because it started from January, we're so into this one cafe in Putrajaya. It's not a highclass restaurant though that's why I called it a cafe. The food is cheap and tasty too. Really! And I like the surroundings. The greeny park and the lake and watching the sunset and it's located beside Masjid Besi Putrajaya. So it's really convenience.

These pictures taken about a month ago when my family from Perak came here. So we went to Umai Cafe. Even my family love it.

The monument and the moon in the daylight

Nah i belanja you my stinky and fatty feet haha

The running objects. I wonder how he feels. Does he ever feels tired???

Hubs with his girlfriend :) My sweethearts and my heartbeats. Love you to the pluto and back. Moon is too close to compare my loves for the 3 of you

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  1. sweet moment.. duk bersantai... memang best...

    1. Yup, yang penting quality times with family :)


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