Monday, September 22, 2014

OMG what's happening to me?

This is shocking! Huhu. Kindly scroll down...

 OK the picture above is this year's total of blog posts and below is the largest blog posts amount that I've made so far. The the difference is big. I mean, really big. But it's not surprising since during that time, I was busy with the wedding prep in the 1st 5 months. And happily married starting 30th May and we were 2 love birds until in the end of year. Not that we are not happy after that, but we were in honey moon phase. And Rayyan appeared in my womb 9 months after we got married so yeah, 2009 is a great year for me. Thus, the large amount of blog posts since we don't have child to take care of. Now that we have 2 of them. So, we're quite occupied at the time being. And being a constant blogger is not easy peasy man.

 But these are my memories. The sweet and bitterness in life. I love to read my old posts and refreshing it back in my brain (due to shot circuit after 2 times giving birth :p). Since I don't have physical diary, so this blog is really meaningful for me. I really hope blogspot will remain forever and do not close down this blog. Please, blogger, be free forever. Haha. But if I have to pay for it, I'd rather to pay, gladly. Hihi

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  1. sama dengan jee.. hehe,, skrg banyak apdet kat instagram kan.. simple instagram ni, pastu reply terus kat tuan yg komen.. blog ni kan kalau reply pun org yg komen xtau dah reply ke belum.. hihihi


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