Monday, October 20, 2014

Brainstorming Course 4 days in Residence Hotel @ Uniten

Assalamualaikum ;;)

To redeem the guilty feelings, I just have to post something to this blog of mine. Recently, about 1 week plus ago, me and my colleagues had a brainstorming course in Residence Hotel @ Uniten for four days. Sampai otak jem siot! But work have to go on. Demi rakyat demi diesel. Eh T__T

Hence the location was in a hotel, so we're not under the stress. Planning to have a peaceful brainstorming session. Errr but since the name is brain-storm, so it was not that peaceful yoo. Never mind lah, as long as company paid for the so-called-short-vacation, the pain is not so hurtful, but still.

Haha sure uols tension kan baca :D Whatever lah ciare!! Booooo!! Layan the pictures saja laaa meh

 Thanks bos for the biggest room for me he he (^__^). The food in Residence Hotel really superb la uols! It was so delicious but the choices not that many la. It's ok lah. Perut bukan boleh telan sebuah meja pon. So it's just nice :)

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