Thursday, April 23, 2015

Openhouses..errr aidilfitri pictures hihi

Assalamualaikum ;;)

This entry telah ditulis pada bulan September 2014 namun tiada berpublish. Maka layan jelah nokkk. Dari jadi pekasammm ;p

Ya Allah, what's up with you ciare? We're just one week to Aidiladha and you still not finish updating your aidilfitri's pictures? #ADAAKUKESAH? Hahaha. So since I got some free leisure times, I chose to update my blog instead of lipat kain. Not a good example of a housewife's criteria but then again, #adaakukesah? Hihi

I think we just went about 4 openhouses during syawal. Sorry for not attending other's invitation because I was down with sinus-viruses-fever for 2 weeks. I thought I had dengue fever. Nauzubillah. Mintak simpang.

 So this is me with Nana. She's my project-mate in m*****e about 4 years ago. And we currently live in the same 3km radius like that hehe. But rarely meeting each other. So raya-meeting-session is a must la kan. And her house is superb. Jelesnya. Haih still saving money to buy a house. Hope Allah will ease our journey to buy a house :)
 My school-mates during #semetrik. Suka suka suka. Love to see them and laughing about 13 year's ago memories ;)

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