Monday, October 10, 2016

Update update!!

Ya ampun. So many dust setelah 2 bulan lebih tidak mengupdate sebarang perkembangan walaupun realitinya masih kembang dan tak perlu dihebahkan pon (-_-")

So what's up with life lately? Not much. But some of my loyal readers think that I'm pregnant. Which I'm not. Sorry to disappoint you :D Yelah, dulu, kalau aku lamaaaaaaa diam tu, maksudnya mengandung. Tapi sekarang tidak lagi. Aku diam di blog (bukan boleh bercakap di blog pon, literally :p) sebab terlalu sibuk di dunia nyata.

And the best reason is, ada social network lain yang lebih produktif, aggressive and responsive. Blogging seems outdated. Bukan sebab teknologi nya. More likely because it's just a one way communication with outsiders. Yes, memang ada ruangan komen, tapi tu lah, tidak responsif. Tu je.

However, I love the idea of blogging, the technology created and I LOVE MY BLOG. So many memories here and I hope it will remain here. Blogspot, don't you dare shutting down this domain and shut down your company :D

OK enough membebel, I got tons of worksss to do. Yes zumba is included. Don't mention it HAHAHA.

But the most busiest job ever is, being a mother (i was typing monster though whatthefish haha). Even it's the busiest, it's the best position ever. I love my job here. To be there for the kids. The love of my life :)

Abang rayyan. Technically, he is my bestfriend so far. I could share anything to him and he actually response to that. How cool is that??? Oh my GOD. Tears coming. I can't believe this whole motherhood stuff. It's just surreal T___T. I hope my kids will always love me...

Akak acha. The most beautiful and clever girl I've ever see. See, motherhood is unfair. Semua anak dia paling lawa dan ensem dalam dunia hihi :) Tapi betul, pada mata sendiri, anak sendiri paling cantik dan hensem. I know other parents feel that too. That's normal. Hihi. She's so bright and she brightens us. I love you my princess. I pray for your happiness forever.

They are 1 hour bff. It means, they only befriend 1 hour in a day. The rest hours, more likely they hate each other hahaha. But it's ok. This is only for quite some times. One day, they will show their true feelings to each other. Sekarang memang lah macam aksi WWF asik bertarung jek :D

And this one, what could I ask for more. He completes us. The joy. Joy sebab he is yet to be discover the true colors :D :D It's ok baby, now matter who's you've become, I already fall inlove with you. You must know that. Infact, I'd love you since I know you were in my womb. Saiiiyaaaam baby rafif sangat2 :) :) :)

Alahai tetiba touching pula nak habis kan entry kali ni. Padahal belum 4 jam berpisah dari anak. Clingy mommy I guess ;) So, until my next update, yang tak tahu bila... nak seru ramai2 supaya jaga kesihatan masing2 for the sake of your loved ones. #sayaPilihZumba :) :) :)


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